Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Goals...

 Every one has summer goals. Maybe they are to clean up the house and yard, or visit family who live faraway. Or maybe to just get closer to God and loved ones.
 What ever they are I hope you enjoy setting them and accomplishing them. Many Blessings!
Well sense it's almost summer and every summer needs goals, I thought I would share mine with you. (I may add more later on...)

  1. Get in shape. (I noticed that I'm not a very fast runner so I need to work on that.)
  2. Drink only Water, Sweet Tea, Milk and Orange Juice. (No Pop. Only once every other week when I'm at my darlings or when I go out with friends.)
  3. Start doing some Big Planning for the wedding. (Dress, Place to get married, Saving up stuff that we will need. and the like...)
  4. Eat more Healthy Foods. (no more junk food all the time, more like Bananas, apples, Mangos, carrots, Salids....)
  5. Get more Sleep. (No more staying up till 3:00am!!!)
  6. Wake up early! (shouldn't be too much of a problem sense I have to wake up for work!)
  7. Drive less. (Only to work, even then leave early and run errands or go to town right after work. and to and from my darlings.)
  8. Take Lots Of Pictures! (again shouldn't be too hard. ;)  )
  9. Wear mor dresses and skirts. (it is hard work trying to be a girl in a world where gilrs wear clothes that reveal TOO much or they look like boys. I just want to show that you dont' have to show so much skin to look pretty or dress like a boy to be comfortable. Just a nice tee shirt or layer two tank tops and a nice knee length skirt that flows so it doesn't get too hot and there you go. Covered and Beautiful.)
  10. Save money. (I get tips at work, so I'm going to nly spend those and my pay check is going straight to my savings and checking for future expences...car, wedding, home, kids(way into the future for a while)...

That should do it for now. Not too hard and not too easy. Doing what I need to do and only that.
 I hope this inspires you to make some summer goals of your own! Many Blessings on Your summer days and summer nights.


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