Monday, March 03, 2014

Here Comes The Sun...

 ...And I Say, It's All Right... (The Beatles, Here Comes the Sun)

I am so longing for sunshine and warm weather.

 I am longing for long walks in the evenings, and finding new places to sit and think.

I am longing for playtimes in the park.

I am longing for a cool breeze coming through my open windows that smell of fresh flowers, warm earth, and on coming rain.

I am longing to get my hands in the dirt and plant. Getting my food fresh from the garden and having a wonderful dinner with loved ones all around.

I am longing for.........

I am longing for evenings listening to the crickets, the rain fall, thunder rolling in the distance, seeing laundry hanging on the line, hearing chickens cluck, goats "maaaaaaaaaaa" at each other, But Most Of All,
 I am longing for Spring!