Sunday, January 28, 2018

I Got It From My Momma!!

So yesterday, I spent pretty much all day standing in our kitchen prepping meals for the up coming week.
 All the recipes I followed are from the Good Cheap Eats book.

I'm making 5 meals this coming week and they are ready to be cooked. I didn't cook anything before hand, except for the chicken for the chicken black bean and rice soup. I boiled the chicken legs in water with garlic, carrots, celery, and half an onion so that I got some chicken stock for the week as well. It turned out very well.

Three Jars of Chicken stock for soup and making rice this week.

I also got out the bread machine and made some amish white bread. It turned out so fluffy and good. I had some toast this morning and the slice of bread was a tad bit too big for the toaster. That's good bread right there.

As for the other meals, I made my own "Rice a Roni" jars, (one cup of rice with all the seasonings I need for the meal).
And also made my own "Shake-n-Bake" for tonight's dinner.

 I've got vegetables cut and ready to go, and everything measured out.
 I feel very accomplished. And also, I have missed doing stuff like this. I used to when I lived at home and was first married. But after a few years, and after having to work three jobs at a time, I've just fallen out of routine and just forgotten how much fun I had doing prep work and making sure that the pantry is full of ready to go meals and what not's.

Chopped and measured out, ready to be cooked.

The Green Beans already have olive oil and seasoning on them, ready to be roasted in the oven!

Beef, Chicken, and more vegetables in the freezer. 
Not pictured is my sourdough starter! I'm very excited about this, I love sourdough bread and rolls. I'm a bit nervous at how it will turn out, but the recipe and instructions seem simple enough.
 You can get all the recipes I am using from the Good Cheap Eats book, and also the blog .

My momma got me this book for Christmas, and I've been using it everyday sense then.

 Happy Sunday.