Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Holiday Season.

 For Thanksgiving, Josh and I went to North Carolina to visit his dad and step mom. It was a long drive, but I'm happy we went. It seemed that Josh needed to reconnect with his dad once we got there, and I loved seeing the mountains.
 We only spent two days there, but we had fun. (And I got three bottles of wine out of the trip as well)

We also had a Friends-Giving before we left. That was alot of fun.

We just recently had an early Christmas gift exchange as well. Josh's mom, sister, my friend Miranda her husband Jason and son Marshel and our roommate Benny were there. We had dinner and opened gifts. Shared alot of laughs and stories.

 All in All, this has been a very good holiday season so far.

Many Blessings,
 Arielle Caitlynn