Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Goals...

 Every one has summer goals. Maybe they are to clean up the house and yard, or visit family who live faraway. Or maybe to just get closer to God and loved ones.
 What ever they are I hope you enjoy setting them and accomplishing them. Many Blessings!
Well sense it's almost summer and every summer needs goals, I thought I would share mine with you. (I may add more later on...)

  1. Get in shape. (I noticed that I'm not a very fast runner so I need to work on that.)
  2. Drink only Water, Sweet Tea, Milk and Orange Juice. (No Pop. Only once every other week when I'm at my darlings or when I go out with friends.)
  3. Start doing some Big Planning for the wedding. (Dress, Place to get married, Saving up stuff that we will need. and the like...)
  4. Eat more Healthy Foods. (no more junk food all the time, more like Bananas, apples, Mangos, carrots, Salids....)
  5. Get more Sleep. (No more staying up till 3:00am!!!)
  6. Wake up early! (shouldn't be too much of a problem sense I have to wake up for work!)
  7. Drive less. (Only to work, even then leave early and run errands or go to town right after work. and to and from my darlings.)
  8. Take Lots Of Pictures! (again shouldn't be too hard. ;)  )
  9. Wear mor dresses and skirts. (it is hard work trying to be a girl in a world where gilrs wear clothes that reveal TOO much or they look like boys. I just want to show that you dont' have to show so much skin to look pretty or dress like a boy to be comfortable. Just a nice tee shirt or layer two tank tops and a nice knee length skirt that flows so it doesn't get too hot and there you go. Covered and Beautiful.)
  10. Save money. (I get tips at work, so I'm going to nly spend those and my pay check is going straight to my savings and checking for future expences...car, wedding, home, kids(way into the future for a while)...

That should do it for now. Not too hard and not too easy. Doing what I need to do and only that.
 I hope this inspires you to make some summer goals of your own! Many Blessings on Your summer days and summer nights.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Warm Weather and Getting Caught in a Hail Storm....

 Yesterday was such a beautiful day.
After a late night of being with some friends and sleeping in till the last minute and getting up for Church, My Darling and I spent the whole day together. After church we met up with my dear friend and her little girl for lunch and hung out for a long time. Then after lunch my darling and I went to the store to get me a pair of sunglasses (so my contacts would not melt to my eyes in the Hot Sun) and some sun screen. Then we went for a walk on the bike path.
 As we were walking and talking, I noticed that the air was getting a bit cooler and I heard some Thunder in the distance. I saw the dark sky ahead but I felt we had time to walk to the end of the path and walk back to the car. I was Wrong!!
 We get half way down the trail, (it's about a 5 mile trail maybe...) and the lightning started. I picked up the pace. Then I felt some rain drops, I went faster. Then it started pouring!! I jogged (all the while my darling was saying that it was such a bad idea going to the end of the trail! It kind of was...) Then out of no where, I get hit right smack dab between the eyes with a marble sized hail ball and I ran for it. kicked off my flip flops and sprinted for the car.
 Well I'm not the best runner, I'm a bit out of shape, and the car kept getting further and further away. By the time we get to the car we where soaked! I could not catch my breath and we were covered with welts and bruises because of the storm!! But thinking on it now, it was kind of fun. It's a story we can tell every one at our wedding. :)
 Well it rained and stormed off and on for a while and we were so tired.
After dinner we decided to watch a movie. But as soon as I laid my head down I was fast asleep. And did not wake up until my darling woke me up this morning to tell me that he had to go home and do home work. But even then I did not get up. I didn't get up until 10:30am. I jumped in the shower, made some coffee, got some cool, ready to work in clothes on, and drank my coffee.
 Oh, my legs are sore. I'm still a bit tired. And yet, I'm ready to do what ever God gives me to do. (I just hope a little that it's easy and does not make me more sore. ^_^)
 I can still see where the hail hit me last night. But again it was fun.
Well now the weather is warm and the wind is just cool enough, and I may just go for a walk or bike ride to stretch my legs a bit. Then check with my friend and co-worker to see when I work Wednesday.
 The garden looks so nice. And momma, daddy, and sis planted lots of corn and green beans and gourds in the big garden. I can't wait to see them sprout. :)
 I also have to build my garden box and plant my flowers and what not.

“May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.” Irish Blessing.

With Prayers, Happy Thoughts, & Blessings,

Friday, May 13, 2011

A prayer for our Garden

Thank you for my garden, Lord, and for each tiny seed
that sprouts and blooms so beautifully to fill my soul's true need.

Thank you for the pleasure, Lord, I find here on bended knee
for my garden's glory surely is a blessing sent from Thee.

I see Your love reflected in the color of every bloom;
a rainbow of Your splendor in every tint and hue.

Each tiny, dew-drop coated bud a promise of Your love,
nurtured by warm, summer sun You send from up above.


I thank You for the gentle rain that that feeds the dry, parched earth
and freshens air and leaf and tree and gives each one new birth .


I thank You for the gentle breeze that bends each petaled head
and gently carries butterflies throughout my flower bed.

I ask You for Your Blessing, Lord, upon my little plot of land,
may it grow and flourish guided by Your hand.


Thank you for the pleasure, Lord, I find here on bended knee,
and in each flower that blossoms as a blessing sent from Thee.


Sun Sun SUN!!!

 Sunday was Mothers day.

 I love my momma so much. She has taught me so much in my 20 years of life. And now as I prepare my self for marriage and living on my own she is teaching me more and more every day.

She gives me little hints here and there and shows me things she does that helps. I'm very thankful for having such a Great Momma. I love her.
 Proverbs 30: 28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 29 “Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.”

Saturday my fiancĂ©es sister graduated from College and she asked if I would be there to celebrate with her and her family. It was a nice graduation. I was there just a year ago to see my Darling walk up to the dean and shake his hand as the dean gave him his diploma.
 Also last year at this time my darling was away in China. And as I sit here in the sun pourch, I can only wonder if He will ever go away again, or if I ever will?!? I've never really been far from home. Never been on a plain. Someday I might.
 Well Enjoy the Sun that is Sunny, and have some Fun that is Funny. Till next time,
With Love, Prayers, and Blessings.


Tuesday, May 03, 2011

While the Lines were down and What a Week...

While the Lines Are Down

April 29, 2011 3:04pm
Please don’t worry, I’m still here. A few nights ago we had a really bad storm, and our phone lines have been fuzzy sense. So that means our internet is down also. I would go to the library but that would only give me a limited time and I have so much to share. So I shall type in my Word Document and tell you what is going on then post it as soon as daddy runs some new phone lines under the house!
 So where to begin?!? Well…
I had a good Easter. We (momma, daddy, little sister and I) went to my Grandparents, mommas, momma and daddy, and met up with my older sister her husband and little girl. We had dinner, and ate way too much candy and talked!
 It was a good day. I missed the sunrise service at the park at six thirty Easter Morning. I was out at my fiancĂ©’s parent’s house watching movies and chatting till very late. But next year I do plan to go.
 Then after dinner at Grandmas I went over to my darlings’ house to give him the Easter basket she made him I stayed and went out to eat with his little sister who just got her license and a new car. It was nice to talk to her. Then I stayed and watched movies then went home.
 The following days I have been waiting for my boss to call me and let me know when I can start working this year. I’ll be working at the golf course aging this year. But I asked if I could cook only this year so I could get tips to put back to pay for the wedding and my “new car” (My parents asked if I wanted to sell my “boat” and get a “new” car put in my name. I said YES!!) And my boss said he could work it out!
 So I’m just waiting for his call/text and for the weather to break.
It’s been storming almost every day and night. It’s nice that God providing water for us and feeding His creation, but I think we could use some dry days now. ;)
 Sense it’s been so wet outside I’ve been trying to keep myself busy inside. So I’ve been spinning my Angora Fiber and so far I have 1.4 oz’s of yarn. And still two plastic bags full of fiber to go! I have also been painting. I just got more into acrylic painting and I have to say I like it. It doesn’t run as much as Water Color and is just so much more vibrant in color!  And I’ve been reading. I’m almost done with my book A Company of Swans. By: Eva Ibbotson. It’s very good. Next will be the book, Beastly. By: Alex Flinn. That one was just turned into a movie. It’s like a modern day telling of Beauty and the Beast, That we must look at the beauty within ourselves to really see how beautiful this world is. I think it’s a very good lesson for today’s generation to learn.
 After that book maybe the novel I bought, Ireland. By: Frank Delaney or one I ordered that is a movie now, Water for Elephants. I can’t remember the author of that one. But I have a lot of reading to do this summer.
 I’m also still working on my hope chest afghani.
Now lets see. What will I be doing on the days to come?!
Well, tomorrow I am going to a near by town to go see my darling after his classes and then have dinner with him and his family. Then I might go shopping with my friend in a neat little Liberal town not far from here. I say Liberal town to be nice. Growing up my Grandpa (dad’s dad) used to call it Hippie town because this town is very colorful and full of ‘different’ people. It’s because the College in this town is an Art centered Liberal college. I thought about taking a few art classes there. I still might. Not live there!! NO! But take some classes, yes!
 Well that seems to be it for now, So I shall write again soon.
With Love, Prayers and Blessings.

 What a Week!!

Oh goodness. It's nice to have internet again. I can check my bank accounts again, and check e-mail and see what all of my friends have been up to on facebook.
 But it's also nice to blog again. I've been so longing to blog and just share my life with you dear reader.
So what has been going on. Well I got to see my Darling Saturday and got some things at Barns and Nobel. I got a kit for a Pin Hole Camera. That should be fun. I can't wait to get some film and take pictures and see how they turn out.
 I also have a graduation to go to this weekend. My darlings sister (she is my age) is graduating from college, and I am going out to dinner with the family. Darlings grandparents are coming up and want to take everyone out to dinner. I have not seen them sense last May, and they have not seen my ring yet so this should be fun.
 Today is Tuesday so today my dear Friend and Her sister, and me and my sister are to get together! I can't wait. But the dilemma is, to whom's house do we go? Hemmmmm..... That is the question!
 But which ever way we shall go We shall have fun and great fellowship.
But now to some sad news.
 Yesterday My little sisters most beautiful hen died. Her name was Bustle's and she was very pretty. She has not been well for a while. Her feet were getting bad and she was just slowing down. She was found in the corner of the cope. But also a few weeks ago, we had another hen go missing. Her name was Hero. She was named such because as a chick, she survived all the killings of her brothers and sister. It was a possum that got all of them but she lived. Well when she went missing we knew something got her. But we could not find a body. Well when Momma and sis found Bustle's they also found what was left of Hero. She was left just three feet from the coop door, next to the shed. Poor dear. And then today, momma and sis found another dead hen. She had no sings of foul play. Just dead. So we are not sure what is going on with all of the chickens but if any more die we will have no more. We are down to nine now.
 Poor sis though. She loves her hens. As stupid as they are and as much of a hassle they are. She does love them. So it is hard to see them go.
 It's still raining. I'm thinking of building an Arc here soon.
Well that is all that has happened this week and last. I pray that God sends dry weather soon.
With Love, Prayers, and Blessings.