Friday, April 25, 2014

Musings From Missouri.

 Yes that's right. Missouri.

We are moved. Have been for a while. I'm sorry for not updating sooner. I've just been very un-creative lately. Also, I've been busy getting the new apartment set up and finding a job, and getting a library card and missing my family and home. Oh how I miss home.

 My Mom and Dad came down about a week after we moved to bring me my van, and drop off our, washer and dryer!! I don't have to go to smelly, sketchy laundromats anymore!!! That makes me so happy. It's saving us time, gas, and money doing laundry here. And the fact that I have no idea where the laundromat is here in this new town, I don't know how close it is, or how much it is, it's so nice to just wash my clothes here at the apartment. :)

 Momma and Daddy didn't stay too long. Just the weekend, it wasn't long enough, I miss them. I was able to go home for Easter. Left for home on Thursday, 8 hours of open highway, 2 bottles of water, 2 bathroom stops, one gas stop, and I was home. Spent the day just chilling with my family on Friday. Then my nephew had a birthday party on Saturday, Easter lunch at my Grandma and Grandpas on Sunday, Shopping with my momma and lunch with Daddy and older sister on Monday, then I had to drive 8 hours back to Missouri on Tuesday, first day of work on Wednesday.

 I got a lot of visiting done in that weekend. Now I'm back in the South. In the mountains, (not really, the closest Ozark range is still some miles away. We are in the foot hills.) In our new apartment, working, (yeah!!!) and getting ready to do some gardening. Momma got me some potting soil and planters and seeds so I can get dirty. I'll start that tonight after work.

 I'm happy to be working again, even if it is just 3 hours a day right now, It's giving me something else to do, and getting me up early. I get up at 7:30 am, get my coffee started, do some work outs, then eat breakfast and get ready for work at 11:00 am. Then I get home about 2:30 pm, I may talk to Momma and my Nephew on Skype, then maybe so some laundry, get the dish washer going, or now, Garden!

 Oh yes, we have a dish washer now too!! Living the high life here!

Other than that, not much has been going on here. I'm trying to get more hours for work or maybe a second job. We have extra bills now too, so we are trying to keep up. It's hard. We are struggling a bit right now, but I have faith that we will pull through. I'm praying for more hours or a second job.

Thanks For Stopping by and listening (reading). Many Blessings to You From Missouri,
Arielle Caitlynn