Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm still here!!

Hey Y'all! I'm still here. I didn't leave you for good. To be honest I just have been lazy and not blogged. I'm sorry for leaving you hanging. Allot has been going on in my life the past few months and it's just made me so tired and forgetful and just plain lazy. LORD HELP ME! ;)
 Well where to start, In June My boyfriend came home from China. I was there when he got off his plain and he was so happy to see me and his mom and sister and was so tired. We just sat most of the day. Hardly talked and watched movies. But I was happy to be close to him again. I missed him. Then about a week and a half after I went to counsel at a local Quaker Church Camp (I'm not Quaker but I am a Christian and that is all that matters!) and it was fun. I was there for about three and a half weeks. My boyfriend was there the last week to help with the Jr.High campers. I did Day Camp (preschoolers) My niece went to that one and had a little bit of fun, then Jr. Camp (about middle school age) then the Jr. High Camp (sixth through eighth grade). Next year I get to stay one more week for the Sr. High Camp (ninth to twelfth grades). While I was at camp my dad sold my horses for me. I know it's sad that happened but it was for the best. I was not working with Lexus as much as I should and my pony foundered and needed more attention than I could give. So it was better for them to go to a girl just out of college who loves to work with quarter horses and has a little one to look after the pony. I do miss them but now I have less stress and more time. I still have my rabbit though!! He's still lounging around under his fan and enjoying his life.
 Well after camp I had a small break, went to work and helped plant the garden. I did go out with friends and spent time with my boy. July brought heat and fair. My little sister showed some meat chickens at the fair and some fancy chickens. I think she got a sixth place, a fourth, and a second. I can't really remember because I was not there for all of the shows. I had to work. :( But she had fun and learned allot. Well about the middle of the month I house sat for my boyfriends family while they were out of state. I stayed with his little sister and we had so much fun. We hung out cut up some skinny jeans, ate allot!, and went shopping. My boy did come every other night to make sure we were ok.(I think he was paid to) and we watched movies and swam and ate more! It was a great week. It was kind of odd coming home after living on my own (pretty much) for a week. I kind of missed having a place to myself and house keeping (for myself and one other) Made me think of how I'll feel when I get married and be on my own but not some day. :) 
 Well now on to August. the Tenth was my niece's fourth birthday. She is getting too big. And now it's the middle of August and mom has started canning and harvesting the garden and getting ready for fall. (which reminds me I need to finish cleaning and redoing my room...) and school is starting. Where did summer go? I have to start looking for a job for fall and winter when the golf course closes down for the off season too. Wow. So much has been going on in such a small time.
 Well now I have to start thinking of what to get people for Christmas, what to make for Thanksgiving, what to be for Halloween, and what I want for my birthday!! OHMYGOSH! 2010 is almost over and to me it has only begun. Lord Help Me.
 I have been reading. Just not keeping to my list I have. I feel bad about that one. But I will make that my Winter reading list!! And I shall add to that. I shall also make a "Winter Making List" and I will post all of my winter makings in it. Things like, knitted stuff, crochet stuff, and all things hand made. Maybe even some cooking/baking goods too! :) It'll be perfect for the holiday season!
Well that's about it for now. I promise to blog more often. Till then, Yours till the Stars Fall,