Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh they say when You marry in June.....

...You're a Bride, All Your Life!!" (Song from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.)

 That song has been playing in my head ever sense My Darling and I sat down and discussed wedding dates. We did plan for a fall wedding, I've always wanted a fall wedding, so it was October 20, 2012! But then I got to thinking about an evening wedding and having the dancing and dinner go on into the night! Then I thought about how cold fall nights could get and I didn't want anyone to freeze so I asked Darling if we could move the date up... so we decided on... June 16, 2012.
 Darling did ask me the other day if I would consider moving the date again to May because one of the grooms men lives out of state and another is in ROTC and may be leaving in June. So I'm considering it.
 I do still want the wedding outside under the setting sun and have dinner under the stars and moon, and a fifties-ish style wedding.
Google Image.

I have always liked the 1950's. The dresses were just darling, and the make up was so out of the norm with the bright red lipstick and silly hair to go with it. But ever sense Darling has introduced me to Swing Dancing I've been in LOVE with the 50's!

Google Image.

I love the tea length dresses. Just long enough to be a wedding gown, but short enough to dance in and be comfortable. I'm still on the look out for one. I would it to be love at first sight with this dress. I want to see it on a website or store and just melt! I would love to be able to put it on and have it fit so right, that I wont need to alter it at all.
 I love looking at ideas for 50's style outdoor weddings. There are so many ideas out there and I come up with my own all the time! 

Me and My Beloved outside the dance hall,
 playing on the piano on the street corner. 

Now being engaged is not all I thought it would be either. There are a few times I just wish we were married already or not engaged at all. Those are the times I really have to sit down and pray, and listen to what God has to tell me. Right now in our engagement we need to see if we really are ready to get married. We should have done this before, but Darling kind of jumped the gun. (Maybe God wanted it this way?!) But all I know is that I love Darling with all of my heart, and even though we may fight at times or look unhappy, we do love each other. 
 When I start to feel like I'm second guessing being engaged, or whether we should get married or not, I look at the ring on my finger and pray. I pray for guidance, wisdom, patience, peace, and love to give as well as receive. 

I'm trying to be patent with the planing. Sometimes I do feel rushed. But I have a year and four months to get the big things done, and then two months to get it all put together. So I have plenty of time. Time to enjoy telling every one the engagement story, time to browse the internet for vintage dresses, time to think and breathe! So much time!! Time to be with my darling and beloved and God! 
 But still, I can't wait to be married, run my own house, and live my own life with my beloved. God surly had a plan when I first met my darling, when we first started to date and hang out, and now He will have a new plan for our lives together.
God Bless our Lives and Love!

With Love, Prayers, and Blessings.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finding Beauty.

 Lately I have found a neat photo editing website that I simply LOVE! It's PicNik. I've been playing with some photos I have on my laptop, and some turned out wonderful. Just the way I want to remember the memories behind every capture.

Every Year Momma plants Zinnias in the Garden. They are so pretty with all their different colors!

I love taking pictures of flowers and trying to get them to go in and out of focus. This one I got the middle flower in focus and using PicNik, I added to that effect. 

I love daisies. And the Pink in this one was just so pretty!

I love the black and white focal point tool. It turns every thing black, white and grey, then you can set a center point to stay in color. It's very cool.

Me! I love bright red lipstick! So I wanted to enhance the red!
Like the caption says I love bright red lipstick. So I put this picture in black and white, and used a brush tool to erase the effect on my lips to make them stand out. If my eyes were green or blue, I would have left the color in them too. But sense they are brown and looked very dark in this picture I left them the way they are. 

 I'm very happy to be able to find a way to make my pictures more professional looking. I've always loved taking pictures and sharing them with the world. But they never quite turned out the way I remember the moment. So now with website, I can fix up my pictures and share them with every one and have them look like a picture from National Geographic. Or an art studio!
 I love my pictures. I love looking at them and letting them take me back to yesterdays and remember how happy every one was in the picture. I love looking at pictures of my family from way back in the day. Looking at their faces, and the way they dresses. Their surroundings, and wondering what their everyday life was like.
 Pictures are my favorite ways to share my life. I try to take pictures of every where I go, and everything I see. I love taking pictures of my niece and family, our home and garden, and all of our animals. 
 I hope you enjoy my pictures. I hope you find the Beauty all around you in Gods Creations!

With Love, Prayers, and Blessings.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I am what I am..... Nothing More or Less.

 1 Corinthians 15:10
 By the Grace of God; I am what I am........

And What/Who am I? Well I don't really know. I'm still trying to find myself. You would think after 20 years of living I would know who I am. Well I can tell you what I am not, Perfect! Nobody is perfect.
 I got bored today and found a sharpie marker in Tiki Tan, Wrote all down my left arm.
On my wrist I wrote "By the Grace Of God I Am What I Am!" 1 Cor. 15:10. Then I wrote all the things my friends and family have said about me.
 Beautiful, Sweet, Funny, Lovely, Beloved, Loved, Smart, Sensitive, Gentle. And things that God says I am.
Saved, Forgiven, HIS!

I do not believe in labels for people. We are all Gods Children! We are all one Body of Christ. We are Who We are By Gods love and Christ's spilled blood for us.
 Yes we all look different. Yes we all have unique styles. Yes some of us have medical issues. I understand that. But to God we are all beautiful. We are all who we need to be.

 I look at myself in the mirror every morning, and what I see is just an earthly me. Just a temporary me. But at times it's hard to see what other people see. Sometimes I don't see the beauty they see, only the filthy complexion, the sins and corruption of this world. But reading 1 Corinthians 15:10, I can see past this world and see the beautiful me that God has created.

I see that it's not what is on the outside. It's what is in your heart that God see's most beautiful of all. It's our soul that shows the world beauty. When you do something you love your heart sings, and when your heart sings your soul brightens. And when your spirits are lifted EVERY one can see the beauty of God shine about you!
 As I struggle to walk with God every day and search for myself, I find the beauty of those around me. I see my friends who make me laugh, smile, who listen when I'm troubled and I listen to them. I see my mother. Who worries every day about her girls. Who, when I talk about my wedding and living on my own, looks at me with eyes full of love, and sadness. I can see all the wisdom she has shown me though the years. I also see the love of my father. I see how hard he works for us to make sure we have what we need. I see that in my fiancĂ©e also. He is working so hard to get done with school, and save money for us. And through all of this I can see how I impact their lives as they impact mine. I see how we all are apart of picture to show the world Gods grace, love and beauty. I see how by just being who we are, make this world beautiful.
  So after all of this, I can tell you who I am so far,
I am the second daughter of three girls. I am an aunt to a wonderful goofy little girl. I am my beloveds beloved. I am my mothers daughter and my fathers pride. I am quite but I have a lot to say. I am an artist. I am a singer. I am a child of God. I am a friend, and a sister. I am open minded. I am sinner, but forgiven on the deepest of levels. I am beautiful, but not perfect. "By the Grace of God; I am who I am!"