Friday, February 25, 2011

Finding Beauty.

 Lately I have found a neat photo editing website that I simply LOVE! It's PicNik. I've been playing with some photos I have on my laptop, and some turned out wonderful. Just the way I want to remember the memories behind every capture.

Every Year Momma plants Zinnias in the Garden. They are so pretty with all their different colors!

I love taking pictures of flowers and trying to get them to go in and out of focus. This one I got the middle flower in focus and using PicNik, I added to that effect. 

I love daisies. And the Pink in this one was just so pretty!

I love the black and white focal point tool. It turns every thing black, white and grey, then you can set a center point to stay in color. It's very cool.

Me! I love bright red lipstick! So I wanted to enhance the red!
Like the caption says I love bright red lipstick. So I put this picture in black and white, and used a brush tool to erase the effect on my lips to make them stand out. If my eyes were green or blue, I would have left the color in them too. But sense they are brown and looked very dark in this picture I left them the way they are. 

 I'm very happy to be able to find a way to make my pictures more professional looking. I've always loved taking pictures and sharing them with the world. But they never quite turned out the way I remember the moment. So now with website, I can fix up my pictures and share them with every one and have them look like a picture from National Geographic. Or an art studio!
 I love my pictures. I love looking at them and letting them take me back to yesterdays and remember how happy every one was in the picture. I love looking at pictures of my family from way back in the day. Looking at their faces, and the way they dresses. Their surroundings, and wondering what their everyday life was like.
 Pictures are my favorite ways to share my life. I try to take pictures of every where I go, and everything I see. I love taking pictures of my niece and family, our home and garden, and all of our animals. 
 I hope you enjoy my pictures. I hope you find the Beauty all around you in Gods Creations!

With Love, Prayers, and Blessings.

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