Monday, October 04, 2010

Under the "Weather"

 Well it's fall around here and one way you can really tell is by the change in weather in just one day. Let me explain, while at work I'll arrive in jeans, work boots (they keep my toes warm), a long sleeved shirt, a button up flannel shirt and a zip up hoodie. As the day goes on I'll loose the hoodie. Then the sun will get warmer around 1:30pm now so by then I'll take off the flannel shirt. So I'm left with my cute long sleeved and new jeans. But then around 4:00pm sometimes even 3:30pm it starts to get cooler so back on goes the flannel shirt. Then by the time I get home I'm right back to where I started. About four layers of clothes! Go on and say it, I know, I'm a silly girl for wearing that many layers this early in the season. But I have an excuse, I'm thin so I need more installation. HAHAHAHA!!!! (plus I hate being cold.)

 Well with the start of this new season, I've been trying to keep myself busy. I've been Christmas shopping when ever I can and I've been trying to get together with some friends. I've been going to church and Sunday school. I've also been doing some knitting and crocheting!
 Right now I'm working on knitting some BIG strips to quilt together for an afghan for my hope chest! I got the prettiest yarn. It's full of fall colors. Deep purple, golden orange, bright yellow and brilliant red! I also got some dark brown and light orange to make some strips to go with it! I can't wait till it's done. I'm still knitting the first one. It's 100sts wide and will be very long.  The pattern I'm using is, Knit 2, Purl 2. I love how it looks. I'll post some pictures when I get farther along. It's going to be so beautiful!
 I love Fall!! The colors, the cool air, the way the leaves look when they fall in the wind! I think the leaves look like multi-colored glitter falling on the land-scape!! I just love it!

Well not much has been going on here on our little hobby farm. Just the same old same. My little sister is taking care of her animals. I cut the rabbits hair (to spin into yarn). And every one has been working. Mom and sis are working on a farm not far from here. They help with pony rides, hay rides and pumpkin painting. One of my dearest friends works there too. Dad is still working hard to make sure we have what we need to get by, and I'm still working at the golf course! Though that will end soon because of the weather and what not. So I'm on the search for a new job for winter and spring. Then it's on to college(maybe).
 That's about it for now. I'll work on some of me pictures to post here soon.

With Love, Prayers, Blessings, and Warm Thoughts.