Saturday, December 30, 2017


 As 2017 draws to a close, Everyone is setting their "New Years Resolutions".

-Go to the guy-Be healthy in some new fad-ish way-Find inner peace-Forgive and Forget-


It's all excuses, all fake. I'm sorry, but, NO ONE Keeps Their Resolutions. I never did. I never will.

But, I'll tell you what I will do...

 I'm going to keep being myself!

I'm going to take care of myself-Love myself-Accept myself-I'm going to TRY!

 Try to be more positive-try to be more accepting-try to be more forgiving-try to me more-ME!

 This is a resolution that everyone and their mothers should set. But let's not call it a resolution, let's call it... LIVING.

 Because that's what it is! That's what we all should be doing-Living.

 ~Don't be so busy trying to make a living that you forget to LIVE~

So, 2018, Let's all just get along and live our lives.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Holiday Season.

 For Thanksgiving, Josh and I went to North Carolina to visit his dad and step mom. It was a long drive, but I'm happy we went. It seemed that Josh needed to reconnect with his dad once we got there, and I loved seeing the mountains.
 We only spent two days there, but we had fun. (And I got three bottles of wine out of the trip as well)

We also had a Friends-Giving before we left. That was alot of fun.

We just recently had an early Christmas gift exchange as well. Josh's mom, sister, my friend Miranda her husband Jason and son Marshel and our roommate Benny were there. We had dinner and opened gifts. Shared alot of laughs and stories.

 All in All, this has been a very good holiday season so far.

Many Blessings,
 Arielle Caitlynn

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Home Photos!!

 We are very blessed and excited to have our own home now. We have been living here for half a year now, and it still feels like a dream to me.
 This weekend starts our first holiday season as home owners and again, we are very excited!!


Saturday, September 02, 2017

It Has Begun!!!!

 Good Saturday Morning To You!

 Well, It's started. I ordered a GED practice book a few days ago and I am now on the path to finally getting my GED and possibly taking the ACT and starting some Online Classes.
 I'm so nervous about this. I was never very good at taking tests, or sitting down for lessons. Hopefully Josh will be patient with me as I go through this small struggle of anxiety, self doubt, and worrisome sleep. But I know it's for the best and that no matter the outcome of all of this, I will have tried my best and it is going toward something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.
 I am so grateful for Josh when I made the decision, He supported my ideas and dreams, and has offered to help me in any way. I also have some amazing friends who are saying that they are so proud of me and believe in me.
 I'm wanting all of this time and effort to go towards getting a degree in Early Childhood Education. I've always wanted to work with children, from day one to pre-k. I'm enjoying my job very much and seeing and hearing this kids learn new words and skills, it just melts my heart.
 I'm almost 27 years old. It's time I do something for myself and my future along the lines of education.


 Be ready for some posts where I may say things like, I Can't Do This! I'm So Stressed and Confused.

But also be ready for some posts where I might say, I DID IT!! THIS IS HAPPENING!!

I'm scared, nervous, excited, happy and ready for this to begin.

 Many Blessings.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It's not always easy...

 Working a 40 hour work week, that is 4, 10 hour days for me. 5, 9 hour days for Josh. Yes the pay checks are worth it, paying our bills, going grocery shopping, and getting some random things for my class room. But at the same time, I'm missing my afternoons off most days. Being able to sit down for a few hours and do a craft or a panting. Work out in the yard, or call a friend. Take a bubble bath.
 Now more than ever I am wishing I had a few more afternoons to myself to get school things done. Cut out the pieces of a craft for the kids to glue, finish coloring and putting together the bulletin board art. Write up and print out welcome and information letters to send home to the parents sense I can't always stay and talk to them. (I also feel odd adding them on facebook...)
 Just an afternoon or two to get caught up on some things. I also feel like I am slacking on house work as well. The yard needs mowed, the floors need swept, food needs prepped, and the cats need attention.
 But going into this job and life style, I knew it wasn't going to be easy. That's why I have Josh. He actually helps out when I need it. He also seems to know when we just need a day to be lazy and watch tv or go horse back riding.
 He likes to watch me print off craft pages for the kids and work on them myself. He is amazing. Sometime he encourage me to get my butt in gear and get things done, but afterwards he sets me free. "Thank you helping with the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen! Go take a bath and read!!" He knows that I need space sometimes. And I Love Him For That.

  Being a Teacher for One Year Olds!!
That is a tough job. They don't quite get how to follow some directions. Like...
 *Put the Triangle on the Glue...
*Pick up our toys so we can have Breakfast...
*Shhh.... be quiet your friends are still napping...
 I am trying to find some crafts and work sheets that they can do, with my help.
I am also finding that I am gaining a lot of patience working with these toddlers. And drinking my coffee at record speeds! :)
 But you know. I wouldn't trade my job for any other. Yes waitressing got me quick cash, and bartending was fun. But these kids.
 When they smile and come running to me to give me a hug, or pat my back and tell me it's ok while I'm sitting on the floor crying. They light up my world. It's not always easy...
 But, It's Worth It.

 Wish all this said, does anyone out there know of any good blogs, forums, web sites.... that have good ideas for One Year Olds? I'm looking for printables and downloads, and even places where I can chat with other teachers and get tips and help.
 Any advice is great as well.

Many Blessings!
 Ms. Arielle

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Home is Where Ever I Love You

Our New Home, Nearly Done. This was Mid April. Just before the sod was put down. We came by the lot every weekend to check the progress of the our new home. I was so excited to see all had been done. I was most excited to see the hard wood floors and kitchen cabinets. I love our home. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

My Life As It Is...

As I sit, eating cheddar broccoli soup from a coffee mug, in my new kitchen, in my new home (not apartment, HOME) I can't help to feel a little home sick. Home sick for the days when mom would have a baking day and Allison and I would sit and watch Little House on The Prairie as it snowed out side.
 I miss being home sometimes. But at the same time, I am in absolute love with the life I have here in North East Arkansas.

 I am the lead teacher in my one year old class at the learning center. I have a wonderful boyfriend who went out of his way to get us a house to share. He makes sure the bills are paid and that there is always enough money for us to spend on a date night once a week. Now that we have the house, I'm going to start gardening again, and maybe even sell at the farmers market. Who knows, maybe I'll become good friends with some people at the farmers market that I can talk them into coming to the learning center and talking to the kids about home grown food.

 I'm also looking into starting a sensory garden for the school as well. I hared of them while at a seminar. The lady who was speaking had talked about how her son who has autism, had done very well with the garden they started in their back yard. He would go into sensory over-load with the lest bit of change, so the garden introduced change in a healthy way for him to cope. I would love to start a flower garden with my class and show the kids how to be gentle and use soft touches with the flowers, and how to care for them and not just rip them up. Then I'll move on to vegetables.
 I have so many great ideas for my class, but like many teachers out there, I really don't have the time or the means to make my ideas happen. But I'm slowly getting there.

 Now, I'm sure you are wondering. "When did you get a House!?"
At the begging of the year, Josh and I started to look at some homes, and get an idea of what we could afford. As we were looking at some homes, we came upon a new subdivision in the town were the learning center is, and we fell in love! We were able to build and customize our house, pick the colors, the style, a jetted tub, carpet, hardwood floors... everything was picked out by us. I am so happy with our home. I'll work on uploading some pictures. Our back yard is big enough for maybe 4-6 garden boxes, and we are even looking into getting a green house! I'm very excited for the green house. Next summer I plan on going full force into back yard gardening again. I'm hopping momma can come down and help me out and maybe even grandma Joanne. I do need to start doing more research on gardening in the south. Like when to start certain plants, what type of veggie would do best in the excessive heat, how to harvest and store the plants. So I may become friends with the extension office at the college. And, I'm ok with that.

 Other than teaching and being a home owner. Not much else has been going on. No word on engagements or marriage for Josh and I. Not yet anyways. And that's ok. I'm fine just being with him and learning about each-other and going on adventures.
 We did got to Florida last September. I got to see the Magical World of Harry Potter!!! I was like a little kid again. I bought so much candy. I would love to go again, and get more wands, and maybe some clothing items. But I would also love to go to the beach again. 

 This summer is about the house. We are new to mortgage payments, so we decided to stay home and work on saving up. And I'm ok with that.

 Right now we are planning out our holiday vacations. We might be going to North Carolina to see his dad for Thanksgiving, then Ohio to see my family for Christmas.

 With that said, I'm out of things to talk about. I will work on getting some house pictures up, and that is all for now.

 Many Blessings.