Sunday, June 19, 2011

To My Daddy:

He held my Hand, helped me stand,
 Guided me through life as I grew.

We built memories and stories, and shared lots of worries,
But now we live peacefuly, happly, joyfuly.

 We laughed, We Cried.
Watched from the windows as the seasons died.

 Now I'm a grown Woman, ready to live on my own,
But he's still teaaching me things I've never known.

 He was there when I was born,
Put my heart back together when it was torn.
 Embarrassed me when he got the chance,
And we will soon share a Father, Daughter dance.

 Today is his day, I hope he enjoys it in his own way.
Here's to My Dad, For him I'm glad.
 God gave Him a great gift of three little girls,
Who have and will always be his whole world.

 Now a grandpa, with a grand daughter to have a ball.
Here's to my Father, I hope he has it all!

 My gift, to him, from the start, was the very first beat of my very small heart.
Now it is bigger and beats so much louder, so full of love, still my gift from the heart.

Here's to my daddy,
 With so much love.
From the second of your three daughters,
 Happy Fathers Day.
I love you.

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