Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's No One Like You,

Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you. Dr. Seuss

 I love that quote.

Today, I wondered to myself, why does no one ever understand each other? Every one makes mistakes, why judge them or ridicule them? To err is to human. So why?!?!

 But then the little whisper of a voice pops into my ear and tells me..."Because they don't see and/or understand the world as you do Caitlynn. They don't know like you do. They may not be able to read peoples feelings just by looking at them like you do. Caitlynn, They are not YOU!"

 And like always I respond, "God! Your are Right as Ever. They are not ME! They have not see the down side of life like I have. They don't see the Big Picture of every decision, or know that Every One Makes Mistakes. Lord you have humbled me in the realities of this life, so that I may understand what you have planed and what you will bring to us one day. You have shown the good and bad of life so I know where my way of life will fall. Lord, I thank you! Thank You for my understanding and wisdom."

 And with that I can see, and understand why other people don't understand each other. Because their minds are so focused on what is right in front of them, or what has just happened. They so see beyond their own noses, or look deep within to the past lessons and mistakes.
 Maybe if this world would slow down to enjoy what they have now, maybe then they will understand why the other person is the way they are.

Maybe see why this person is so carefree and just takes it easy, then that person will see why the other is so stern all the time and just wants to get it done and get it done right!

I'm very thankful for my understanding ways. I love to listen to people's stories. What their past was like, how they are now, what they want from the future! sometimes I feel like if maybe everyone would stop and listen for an hour everyday for God and his children, they will enjoy their own lives better.

 Sometimes I wish there was a day out of every week where EVERY ONE just goes outside, rain, snow or shine, and just listens! Not to eachother, not to nature but just to God!

 I did that when I drove to my Darlings college every Monday, every week, for an hour for swing dance lessons. I don't have a raido in my car so that was my time for God and me to talk and listen.
 Then I would park, and walk all through the town to the college and spend more time with God. It really made me feel great that I talked and listened to God.

 That is my biggest wish for this lost world. That they just hush for an hour every day, and listen! To God, to one another, to themselves. Truely find themselves lost in God not this life.

 Maybe after reading this you will do that. It doesn't have to be an hour straight, maybe ten minutes in the shower, five minutes driving to the store... what every time you have. Like now, I am taking a few minutes to clean my room, so I'm talking and listening to God while I do that. Maybe after I'm done I'll read a passage and then have some dinner.

 All in all, an hour of listening a day will do you a world of good and understanding.
Oneday we will all understand eachother. See where the other has been in life and see that everyone makes mistakes.

 I'm a very understanding, passive person. I will not fight or argue unless it worth it.
If you knock a bowl of tomatoes on to the dirty floor, I'm not going to get mad. I understand, the fridge was full and tightly packed and where I put the bowl, probably was not the best spot. But we live and we learn.

 If we make last minute plans, then they don't fall through I'm going to be alittle upset but oh well. Such is life. We will just plan for next week.

 So there. That is my wondering for the day. I hope your day is great. :)
Many blessings,


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