Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunshine, Sun Dresses, and Sun Tea... OH MY!

Good day to you.
 Wow it's been a while. This week was fair week here and my little sister showed some chickens. 
For her pin of three of meat birds, she got sixth place. Then she showed her friends Road Island Red (her own wasn't  looking so good.) and got fourth place. She didn't place in showmanship but there were a lot of kids in her class.
 All in all fair was good this year. Just hot!

 Today I am making some Sun Tea while the sun is shinning and while wearing my sun dress.

Here's how I make it...

Start with just a pitcher of Water,

Add Two Family sized iced tea Bags,

Add a Hand Full of Fresh picked Mint, and Lemon Balm (or what ever you want to flavor your tea with)

Set in the sun for a couple of hours, Add some sweetener, I use honey,



 I love sun tea. It's just so nice in a cup of ice on a hot summers day.
Today I think I'll sweeten mine with just a tad bit of sugar. 

 In just a week I'll be on my way to Camp to counsel and mentor. I love going to camp. It's such a wonderful experiences, I can truly feel Gods presence there. I think that's where my darling and I will get married. Maybe just depends on the dates of camp next year.
 Then as soon as I get home, I have to repack and leave with my sister and our Friends to go on our girls trip to Tennessee. I can't wait!!

 This is a good way to end the busy part of our summer. :)

 I hope your summer is going well. 

Many Loving Thoughts and Blessings from our Happy Home Homestead.


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