Sunday, June 16, 2013


He held me in his arms when I cried, He tried not to cuddle me when I was in trouble,

He showed me how to be silly and not give a darn what other people thought of me,

He Held My Hand As I Took My First Steps,

And Let Go When I was Ready To Run.

He Held My Hand As WE Walked Down the Aisle,

And Let Go To Give Me Away,

He has always been there for me. Smiling and laughing with me,

He works so hard to give his family anything they need or want,

He always embarrassed me with his dorky moves,

And would always sing off key and very loud,

But He always made us smile and we loved him no matter what.

He is My Daddy,

And I Love Him.

He still holds me in his heart when I call him crying, and has to fight the urge to come get me when he feels I'm in trouble. He still holds my hand when we go for a walk, and I never want to let go. He still embarrasses me with his dorky dance moves, but I still laugh and smile. He is my Daddy, And I Love Him!

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