Thursday, May 09, 2013

Good Morning!!

It's a beautiful pre-summer day. I'm up early, and waiting on my coffee and doing some yoga in the morning sun coming through my living room windows.

 I work today at 11:00 am, and I'm not sure when I'll be home. But I am happy to have at least this one job this summer. My Darling Husband has been laid off for the month of May so he is a very busy bee trying to get a second job that may lead into a better (paying) full time job. I'm still working at the college, setting up, serving at, and cleaning up banquets. There are not as many this year as there were last, but I'm happy to still have some paying hours.
 I'm also happy to have some days off too, I'll be going home some, to help momma in the garden and with her soap business. I'm also cranking out some home made stuff myself!!
 Caity's Home Made Concoctions will be rolling into business soon!
I'll be making Little Guy Neck Ties,

 Coffee Cozies,

 & Little Girrly Head Bands. I'll be branching out to make more things as well but in time.
 I can't wait to start an online business with Momma! It will be so much fun. We have always talked about doing it and now with her selling her soap and homemade do-dads at the shop, she is really taking off, I just have to catch up a bit. We are going to make a small dream come true.
 Things here in the apartment on Main St, are about the same. Wake up, drink coffee, check email, facebook, my darling wakes up, get ready for work (if I work that day) read, sew, crochet while watching a movie during lunch... about the same. Just different work hours now.
 I'm not going to complain about work, lack of, or too much. I'm content where I am right now. Yes there is always that deep down secret, not so secret, wish of having more money to get a bigger place and setting up a savings account for future little ones when they come around, but for now I'm content. Nothing wrong with that. We are happy, we have food, bills and rent are getting paid, so no worries. God will provide.
 Well my friend(s) it was nice Chatting with you. Until we meet again,
Many Blessings.


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