Friday, May 17, 2013


In a Skillet, 2 chicken breasts, pan seared. Add half a bag of frozen spinach (let it cook a bit on low) then add some fettuccine sauce, then some diced tomatoes. Let it all simmer til it bubbles. (not too long) Turn burner off, add some mozzarella cheese, and some parmesan throw some more tomatoes on top. DINNER!! (I only had two chicken breasts left but this could easily make dinner for 4-6. :) Made it up on the fly!

How about Dessert!?! :)

Preheat oven to 500* 2C.apFlour, 1T Baking Powder, 11/2t. salt, 3T Sugar, 1 stick unsalt butter cut in to little pats put in freezer. 3/4C Butter Milk. Combine Dry Ing. Cut in Butter from freezer. Add Buttermilk mix til all combined. Turn out onto floured counter. Knead a few times. Add Frozen Berries. I did 3 handfulls. Knead, Grab small dough ball, place in buttered Cast Iron Skillet, make sure all dough is used and covers the pan, you want it kind of thick. Bake 500* 8-15 mins. About half way, brush melted butter on tops and sides of biscuits, and drizzle some honey on top, finish baking. Let stand 5-10 mins, Serve warm! So Good, I took a bite and said, "OH MY GOSH! THIS IS GOOD!!!!"

Hope you enjoy! :)

 Many Blessings this beautiful evening.


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