Monday, April 29, 2013

My Next Project(s)

This week I will try to make a whole outfit, (Try being the key word here...)

 First will be a new top!

Got this pattern off of Pinterest of course. I love the Butterfly tops. They are so cute.

Then I shall make a Wrap Skirt...

This too came off of Pinterest.

 I am still working on the dress I made from this pattern...

It made a nice LONG dress. I think I might wear it to a friends wedding in June. :) Or for our One Year Anniversary Picnic in June.

 If I have time and the supplies, I may make a pair of these pants...

A friend of mine showed me this picture and asked if there was a way to make them... I said I would try. Doesn't look too hard. I have never made pants before so I will get a simple sweat/pj pants pattern form the store and go from there. The waist looks like a wide bias tape (I know how to make that) and the legs have 1/4" or smaller elastic in them. Then make a draw string to keep them up and TaDa!!! :)

 I will try my best! :)

 Til Next time,


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