Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Challenge...

 So this Spring (March 20, 2013 is the first day of spring by the way) I want to challenge myself (and you too) Starting March 20th, I'm going NO PANTS!
 Yes that's right, No Pants, meaning, Skirts, and Dresses, Everyday for the rest of Spring.
So I'm going to start making some skirts, and finding skirts at the thrift stores. I really like wearing skirts, they make me feel pretty, and very lady like. I wear only dresses and skirts to church now, and as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer I will be wearing them more often.
 This is a good challenge to do because it will help you to see that you have more to wear than just jeans and a tee shirt, or shorts and a tank top. You don't have to go all dressy all the time, just a nice skirt and a tee should do fine, or a dress and sandals will work too. But I must stress the rules!


  1. The Skirt or Bottom Hem of the Dress CAN NOT come more than 2" above the knee. Or no shorter than finger tip length (put on a skirt and let your arms fall naturally if you can feel the skirt hem on your middle finger tip you're in good shape, if the hem goes above the finger tips, it's too short and needs leggings!!)
  2. If you must go out and work or you work where you are required to wear pants, like I am, then you are aloud to wear pants/jeans. But as soon as the shift/job is over, back in to that skirt/dress Missy!
  3. Have fun with it! 


The reason for rule #1 is because this challenge is to make you feel beautiful and show you that you don't need to show off your 'cheeks' to do so. And honestly, who wants to flash 'down there' every time you get out of your car or sit in a chair?!?! NO ONE! And NO ONE wants to see that either.
 I'll be posting photos of my outfits, so you can get some ideas of how to go about NO PANTS SPRING. You can also go to my Pinterest Board (Never too old to play dress up) To see some ideas I have found.
If I feel like I wont sweat myself to death, I may continue on into Summer as well. But lets face it, sometimes skirts and summer don't mix well, They tend to act as a sweat box and your legs seem to melt, so it all depends on the temperature. I'll keep you updated and hope you join me in my challenge. :)


 Many Blessings,

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