Monday, March 11, 2013

Memory Lane.

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 For as long as I can remember, my family has been going to the rodeo. My grandpa Tony used to be in the rodeo, and would try to break retired rodeo horses. I miss going to the rodeo with grandpa, he would always make sure I got all the cowboys autographs and talk with the barrel racers and trick riders. I've always wanted to be in the rodeo as well, I wanted to do it all, Bare Back Bronc riding, Trick riding, Barrel racing! This past Saturday My darling and I got to go with Momma, daddy, My little sister and her boyfriend, and My older sister, her husband and the little ones. Busy was all excited to be there. Little man on the other hand, he was just happy to be passed from person to person and then taking a nap on his ma'amoms lap.
 I was so happy to be going. I haven't been to a rodeo in a few years. It gave me a chance to cowgirl up and show my rebel spirit. Though this was a small show, it was still fun. I fear that the rodeo is a dying thing. Not as many people are wanting to join or go see it. I remember when I was little, there were 12 trick riders in the arena at one time, doing all kinds of stunts!

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 They would hang off the back of the saddle and drag behind the horse! Or, they would stand on one leg in the saddle and then flip over! Oh it was awesome! And there were like 20+ riders for the broncs and bulls. We would get a program and keep track of scores and then guess who would win the final round. And the barrel racers!! They would zoom in and turn the barrels like it was nothing and quick as a flash they were gone and waiting for the scores. The whole arena would be shouting, hooping and hollering. I would be at the edge of my seat cheering the riders on and almost in tears when someone would get bucked off and run over by a 2 ton bull. Oh man, those where the days.
 This time around there were maybe 15 riders all around. One trick rider, and 10 barrel racers. It was small compared to memories, but it was still fun. Fun being with family, doing something we have not done in a long time. Just sitting there with my sisters, giggling about how cute the cowboys were and remembering taking pictures with them. Then joking with mom and dad about sneaking down and just jumping on a horse and showing all those 'boys' up with my skills (again it was a joke... I'm not that good) And then sitting with my husband and telling him all my stories and explaining how the whole rodeo works and how they come up with the score. Then seeing the kids, Busy standing on her seat cheering and shouting for the cowboy to stay on the bull, and then little man snoozing through the whole thing!
 Saturday, March 9, 2013 will always be a night to remember. Mostly because it was a family outing that was long over due.

 Well now that the rodeo is over I'm sitting here in my apartment wishing I still had my horses to ride, and race. Maybe one day I will have some more money saved up, and after we buy a house, I can buy another horse for my future kids to ride with me. And then I can continue on with the rodeo tradition of going every year and make more great memories like the ones I hold so dear now.

With Many Cowgirl Blessings,

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  1. I've never been to a rodeo, but I do agree that I fear the rodeo era is dying. Families now a days spend almost all their time inside, playing video games, watching tv or surfing the web. And even when they're outside their eyes are glued to their phones, people just don't know how to be social and live without electronics. But thankfully I think the big rodeos still live out west :-)