Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Challenge! WEEK 1!!


 Today is the first day of Spring! WOO-HOO!!!

That also means today is the first day of my Spring Challenge of  ~*NO~PANTS~SPRING*~.
So I will start this post of what I'm wearing today,

Leggings, thick socks, Long Denim Skirt, Green Long Sleeve, Boots, and a warm Jacket to protect me from the chilly wind on my way to work. :)

 And a little pattern I found on how to make your own dress,

D.I.Y. Pinterest

 And a pattern I found on how to make your own skirt for this seasons challenge!

D.I.Y. Pinterest

 Good Luck to you, and enjoy.

(and trust me, if you lived in jeans all winter and all of a sudden start wearing skirts and dresses, everyone will think you are going out on a Hot Date, also, if it's still cold where you are I would recommend long skirts and dresses and leggings til the sun gets hotter.)


I will keep adding pictures to this post instead of one post a day with just a picture of an outfit. I will do the posts in weeks. So at the end of this week I will upload the pictures I have taken and add some more patterns for you, then next week I will start a second week post, and add pictures daily to that one for a week then continue in that pattern til the first day of summer! So much easier. :) 


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