Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Wedding Ideas!!

 So I have so many Pictures from Google and the like, I thought I might share some with you.


My Lilac Bouquet.

My Veil 

My Hair

Where we will say "I Do"

Our "First Kiss" at Sunset.

Leading the way to the Reception 

The Moon Lit, Out Door Reception 

Our Cake
Loves True Kiss Cake topper (idea)

Loves Embrace Willow Tree Cake Topper (another idea) 
The Next cake toppers are some Fun Ideas we have been thinking over. :) Enjoy and don't feel bad if you giggle at them. I do.

I love the Top One. My sister says that it even looks like My Darling and Me! <3's

I love looking up wedding ideas. It makes me feel so happy and excited. I can't wait. But then I wont want it to end. Sigh........ Only 272 Days. (or 9 months) wow...........

 many Prayers and Blessings.


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