Friday, September 16, 2011

It's getting cold...

 Well my friends, It's fall. Though the "first day of fall" has not yet been upon us, it's getting cold, the leaves are changing color, and the harvest is done. So to me it is fall.

 I love fall. I love the colors of the leaves. The smell of the leaves on the ground and I also love,

 Trick-or-Treat was one of my favorite nights of the year because you go to dress up and play make believe with thousands of other kids and people, then you got FREE CANDY! what little kid does not like free candy!?! I did.

 Yes I know that Halloween comes to us from the pagans, druids, and Celts. But I never looked at it that way. I looked at it from the prospective of a child. I loved playing dress up (still do) and I loved walking around looking at all the different costumes and guessing who there were and were supposed to be, and getting free candy.

 It's like I told my darling one day as we were out on a date, I told him it's not like my sisters and I said a prayer of thanks to the devil for our sweets!! No we wanted to play pretend. That's all.

 I'm not a big fan of those out there who look down on my family for going out trick-or-treating. I think that's wrong. I don't look down on them for having a Christmas tree, (psst... which was brought to us by the pagans!) 
 They let their kids play dress up. How is that any different from dressing in a costume? Yes I do understand that some of the costumes and a tad bit questionable, like the mini skirts for the little girls and the gruesome masks for the boys. Those I tend to stay away from. Yes I was a witch for almost every Halloween of my youth, but I was a good witch. I did't try to scare the kids. If they jumped and ran when I jumped out of the bushes AFTER they got their candy, well then they were just jumpy! ;)  

 All I'm trying to say here is that I, me, myself, Love Halloween. This year I would like to maybe have a bon-fire and make it a costume party as well. I'm planning on being a Gypsy or maybe Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas and my darling can be Jack The Pumpkin King! or what ever. :)

 I'm very open minded. I did a religion study, and learned about all the different religions of the world including some of Wicca, and Cults. Just so I can understand the world around me. Understand how to tell these people about why I love Jesus and God. That's all. I just like knowing and understanding, why. 

  Well, I have some news!

Last week I bought my Wedding Dress!
About three days after that it came in the Mail!!!
I would love to post some pictures but I dont' know if my darling reads my blog or not. And I don't want him to see it just yet. 
But it's perfect. White Strapless, tea length. With a Lilac ribbon on it. It's a 1950's vintage dress.
I'm very happy with it.
It does need to be taken in a bit but I know of some people/places that can do that. :)
Now I just need some shoes for the ceremony and I'll be all set!
For my jewelry I plan on wearing the purl necklace my darling got me when he was in China. 
And some purl and diamond earrings.
Oh, I'm so excited for the wedding! Only Nine Months from today.
There is still some planning to do.
Guest list, Booking the Camp Ground, Food (what would we like to serve and where to get it.), D.J. Decorations!
It's going to be fun.

With many warm, thoughtful Prayers,

"I have found the One Whom My Soul LOVES!"
Song of Solomon 3:4

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