Thursday, September 01, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beloved Father, and our souls.

“For God Made Everything Beautiful In It’s Own Time.” Ecc. 3:11

This is one of my favorite Bible verses. It tells me that God has a plan for everything. And even though we may feel ugly to the world one day, you will be beautiful soon.

 When I was growing up, I always felt like the ugly duckling of the family. My older sister was Beautiful. My little sister was adorable. I was not. My hair always seemed to be stringy, I had acne, and my clothes did not fit me well. I felt like I would never grow to be a pretty as my sisters and mother. But once I hit 16, I grew in to my looks. I found clothes that fit and flattered my small figure, and I learned how to care for my skin and hair more.
 “…In It’s Own Time…”
I just had to wait on God. For once I started to build my relationship with Him, I started to see how He sees me. And I stopped caring about what others thought of me. I started to care about what God thought of me, and I found out that He thinks the World of me. I’m the apple of His eyes.
 Once I started growing in God, Others started to see as a pretty girl.
Because I found my inner beauty, that showed to the outside. Then I hit 17, and I saw the beautiful world around me and All the beauty that God has given us, and I fell in love with the world. And that love spread to everyone around me.

 A few months ago, I went to a street fair with one of my best friends, and my darling met us there. When he met us he had a bunch of crazy daisies for me. They were so beautiful. As we walked around, this little girl with bright red curls saw the flowers and told her momma how pretty they were. So I gave her a flower. Her momma said that was very sweet of me, and I told her that God made beautiful things and Beauty was meant to be shared. My friend said that was a very Hippy thing to say, we laughed for a while after that comment.
 But it’s true. God made beautiful things. He made this world beautiful. And we are to share it with our fellow man.
 Yes there are some things of this life that are not beautiful at all. But they will be in time.

 Just like the seasons.
Spring is just as lovely as can be with all of the flowers and new life.
Summer is nice with the warm sun, and promise of a good harvest.
 Fall is Beautiful with all the colors, and cool refreshing breeze.
Winter is cold and dead. But at the same time it’s beautiful with the snow.

In time each season is beautiful in some way.
 Spring is muddy, but once the mud dries and the flowers bud it’s beautiful.
Summer is hot, and dry. But then the storm’s come to bring rain and beautiful rainbows.
 Fall is cool and frosty, but the colors of the leaves and harvest and beautiful.
Winter is cold. And everything’s dead and naked. But the snow glittering in the sunlight is beautiful.

It takes time for things to happen. Bad days just don’t go away in the blink of an eye.
 Sadness, anger, sleepiness, it takes time for these feelings to go away.
Sadness, you have to cry and just let it out. Anger, talk it out, and work it out. Sleepy? Take a nap or do as I do and drink some Coffee.
 Ugly moods make ugly people. Beautiful, happy moods make lovely, happy people.
So not only did God make you Look beautiful, He also made you to feel beautiful.
If you wake up and just feel like it’s going to be a bad day, take a second to look to God for guidance and strength. Say a quick prayer. Listen to happy music. Eat something for breakfast that brings back good memories.

Last weekend I stayed with my darling and his sister. Sunday morning I woke up early, too early. I had the day off and I wanted to sleep in. So I was a tad bitter. But when my darling woke up he went in to the kitchen and made me some coffee and cinnamon toast.
 I’ve not had cinnamon toast in a long time. It reminded me of when I was little and momma would make us breakfast of orange juice and cinnamon toast. Darling told me his momma made it for them before school, or when they were sick. After breakfast I was feeling better. I had a great fellowship with my husband to be, and remembered happy times so my day was happy and Beautiful! The weather was so nice. If I were still bitter, I would have thought the weather was too windy or chilly. But I was feeling beautiful, so the day and everyone in it was beautiful.

 “For God made EVERYTHING Beautiful IN IT’S OWN TIME…”

It takes great skill, and patience to see the real beauty in this world. But even greater skill to open your eyes to it. Today all you hear is stuff about war, killing, sadness. You hardly ever hear good news on the news anymore. That make’s my soul sad. I’m tired of hearing about the dark parts of the world. God told us to “spread the good news” but that’s hard to do when the world doesn’t seem to want to hear it.
 But one day the world will be in the Light of God once more and all will be good and Beautiful.

 Outer beauty is vain. Inner beauty is smiled upon by the Grace of God. Think good thoughts of your fellow man, and say beautiful words of kindness, and you will Glow with Grace and Love.
 Think only bitter ugly things of everything and everyone, you are truly ugly in Gods eye.
If you work on your inner beauty, in time you will be Beautiful.

 “I know you came, for the Pretty and the Plain. I hear You calling out my name. I know you came for the Sinner and the Saint. And I will never be the Same.” ~the pretty and the plain- JJ Heller.

May the Grace of God shine down on you and May your every day be Beautiful In It’s Own Time.

Many Blessings,

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