Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Lot Has Been Going On....

 It's true, there has been a lot going on.
Almost every weekend I'm out and a bout. Either with my darling, or friends. Or, moving into my new apartment!
 Yes, that's right. I'm now on my own. I'm living in a nice little town near a Christian College, the same place where my darling works and lives. I'm about three block away from him and right next to the fire department.
The place is nice. I really like it. I also like being able to walk everywhere. Right now I'm sitting in a nice little cafe' drinking some coffee and listening to some older folks talk.
 I'm still kind of moving in, but that's ok I'm only 45 minutes from home, so going to get something I left behind is easy!
 The reason I wanted to move, was for a change. And more room to grow. To grow personally and spiritually. My roommate isn't home all day so I get some quite time. In that time I get to listen to myself, and to God. I also wanted to be closer to more job opportunities. And it's making it easier to plan the wedding as well.
 This move is also helping to ready myself for living for myself. To take care of a home, and bills, and everything I need to know to care for my home with my darling.
 I've been here for four days and three nights now. I'm still getting used to living in a town. But it gets pretty quite around 10:00pm. So that's nice. The only thing is there is a lamp post right outside my window. So I need some curtains. :)
Here is the front door of the building.
There are four apartments in the building. I'm in first one.

This is the living room. I'm in here every night to watch tv and just chill.

Here is the Kitchen. I spend alot of time in here as well. 

This is my room. I'm still moving in so it looks kind of empty.

The other half of my room. :)

I'm very happy here. I do miss home. Like in the mornings, I miss hearing my momma and sister talking. But like I said I'm not far from home so if I ever miss them too awe-full much, I can just drive up there. :)

 God has blessed me with this opportunity, and I will Honor Him with living it to it's fullest!!

Happy Halloween. Many Blessings.

 With Love, Prayers and Blessings,

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