Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Year Gone and Past.

 Yes that's right. I am now a whole year older. I am now 22.
I have been blessed with 22 years of breath, life, blood, family and friends.
 Happy Birthday To Me! :)

It continues to snow here. My momma and little sister just dropped me off after a weekend at home. I stayed Saturday and Saturday night with Momma, daddy and my sister. I ate alot of snickerdoodle cake, and stayed up too late. Sunday my older sister had a get together at her house for the superbowl. My niece made me a cake, and sang Happy Birthday to me. And I got to play and romp with my 9 month old nephew. It was a wonderful weekend. Just what I needed. My darling husband had to work this weekend so he took me out for a nice dinner on Friday night. We went to Red Lobster! One of my favorites. I got treated to a Chocolate Martini and crab legs.
 But now it's Monday and it's back to work. Like the weekend never happened. Oh well. I'll always have the memories of family and friends.

 Many Blessings,

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