Friday, February 22, 2013

Because He Gave Up His Life,

 I can give up something too.

 I'm not Catholic, nor am I anywhere near it. I am Irish. But that has nothing to do with it.
Lent, 40 days of giving something up to remember the fasting and life Jesus gave up for us. (Feb. 13 - March 30, 2013)

 I gave up coffee. It was something I was addicted to, and really, it was hurting me. I was having anxiety attacks, and was very nervous all the time. I was having a hard time sleeping as well. So for Lent this year I gave up coffee. It was something I depended on every morning to wake me up, and get me going for the day. But I know now that it was bad. I know coffee is so small a thing to give up compared to Jesus fasting in the woods for 40 days and then giving his life, but it's all I had to give up that was an earthly thing. I can't fast, I'm too skinny as it is and would pretty much die with out my 3-4 meals a day. I don't eat junk food hardly at all. If I do, it's only a little bit and only if I go home or over to a friends house. I don't drink soda anymore. Only if I have a sore throat and am at work, the bubbles help sooth the soreness. Coffee was my only weakness. The only thing I could rid of. But Trust me it's hard. I'm sitting here now wishing I had a nice big mug of coffee while I watch Heartland and update my online social media sites. It's also hard because we live above two cafe's!! 
 But I wont give in. I will have my first SMALL cup of coffee, Easter morning at Church, or at my Grandmas after dinner. And after that, only a small cup every now and then.
 I guess it is kind of silly, a non catholic doing Lint and only giving up coffee. But you know what, it's the thought that counts. And when it comes to Jesus and God, the thought is a wonderful thing, and even the small things add up.

 Other than Lent, not much is going on in this small, sneeze and you're through, town. My darling is at work at the moment, I'm at the apartment listening to the traffic go by, wondering what to make for lunch, and not wanting to go to work later but wanting to stay home and chill. I will be doing my yoga here in a bit after lunch. I love me some yoga. It's so nice and really gets my blood pumping and helps sooth any stress I may have. 
 Well dear friends I am out of things to talk about. 

Til Next time,

Many Blessings,


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