Monday, January 02, 2012


 Happy New Year!!!
I pray God Blesses you in all that you do this New Year!

Not much has been going on here with me. I came home Christmas Eve to be with my family. Christmas Eve dinner at my Older sisters was nice. We opened some presents and ate yummy food. Then just hung out. Christmas Day was simple, sweet, and very wonderful. Though we did not have much under the tree this year, we did get what we needed and then some. Dad, my little sister and I split the cost of a new Kitchen Aid Mixer for Momma, she has been wanting one for so long. So we got it. Dad got me a nice little Tablet e Reader. It's pretty cool. Sis got a nice digital Camera. And daddy got some stuff he needed to help him fix the cars and a new wallet. :)
 It was a pretty sweet and simple Christmas. I hope for more of those to come.
My darling came over Christmas day around noon. Momma and daddy got him some tools he needed, and I got him a new wallet as well as a hand made (still in the making) Christmas Tree ordainment. He got me two very pretty Christmas Tree ordainment's, a glass swan and a crystal snow flake.
 After supper with my grandparents, my darling and I went to his families house for Christmas Dinner. There we all, his five siblings, mom, step dad, his step dad's niece and nephew with their husband and girlfriend, my darling and I, sat in the living room and opened more gifts. I made all the girls in his family some rice neck warmers out of fuzzy socks and hand knitted all the boys a new hat. 
 Then we had a big dinner and played games and talked and had a nice dessert. Around 11:30pm my darling drove me home.
 It was a nice Christmas.

 Now we are in the New Year. Time to make some list's and check them off!
My New Years Restitution's are to just live healthy and stay happy and follow God where ever He may lead me.

 I do have a job now!! I work in a nice little town about 10-15 mins away from my apartment. We sell little nick-nacks in one store, and in the other some very pretty and dressy clothes. I love working there. The people I work with are so nice and welcoming, and helpful. I go back to work Wednesday.

 Tomorrow evening, my darling is coming over to install the internet in my apartment. I can't wait. Then I can blog more and keep better track of my finances. What a relief it would be. Sense I've been home with my family I've not done much cooking, momma takes care of that. But as soon as I get back to the apartment I'll start my Fix it and Forget it cooking so I will always have meals on the fly!!
 I'm thinking of planing a friends get together at my place in the next few weeks. Just a small one. Everyone bring their favorite side dish and I'll provide the main and just hanging out and talking. It will be fun.

 Well not much more to say other than it's snowing now.

Many Warm Blessings, Thoughts and Prayers.


  1. I can't wait for you to blog more! We barely get time to talk, so your blog is how I know what's going on with you!
    I'm glad you had a great Christmas!
    I'm also so happy you found a job that you enjoy-congrats on that!

  2. Nice blog. :) You write things very interestingly. :)