Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good Ol' Fashioned

 Hi, I'm Caitlynn, (hi caitlynn)... Hi. And I'm addicted to old fashioned things!
Things like, tea cups, dressers, clothes, dishes, fabric, sheet music, books, cooking ware, and the like!
 I especially old farm houses with BIG barns, BIG yards, and lots and lots and lots of room to move and grow.
 This was in my dream last night. I was talking to a bunch of people. And I was telling them how much I love antique things.
I just recently (last night) put in a new head and foot board for my bed. It's a bit bigger than my room but I don't care. It's beautiful and antique. I can't wait till dad puts in the new support bar down the middle so I can sleep on it. (I've been sleeping on the floor.) I also found some new pretty old fashioned sheets and pillow cases at the thrift store today too. I love finding old things. I get so happy when I find something old. (HA... something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue!!)
 I also found some old dishes today. They are just darling. The are Stone Wear, and have strawberries painted on them. I brought them home and when my mom saw them she said, "I'll pay you for them!" and she wasn't kidding! I didn't really buy them for me for my hope chest, but I bought them to use. Maybe I'll find another set to put in my hope chest to use in my new kitchen in the very near future!
 I already have some I bought at Wal*Mart and they are very pretty but I would love, LOVE some antique ones too. I am on the look out for table cloths and curtains. I'm looking for tea cups, vases, frames, and paintings. Just about anything I can use in my new home. And Wedding.
 I plan on having a VERY old fashioned wedding. Like 1950's style. I love to swing dance so that's the thyme.

 I'm a good old fashioned farm girl. I love to get dirty in the garden. I love to be barefoot. I love to grow things and use them in the kitchen. So no matter where my fiance' and I move, we WILL have a garden. Even if it's a window box with a few herbs and tomatoes. I will find a way to plant my garden.
 I've always dreamed of living on a farm. With a two story house and a huge barn or maybe a barn with a few out buildings. The house will have an attic, a cellar, and a wrap around porch. A 360* view of the farm. A big garden. And Lots of room to move and grow. The barn will have many lofts. One that goes all the way across, and then some plat forms that go up to the highest point. All of the out buildings will be for different things. One for the garden stuff. One for the tractor and all those things. One for the chickens (bantams) and one for the craft studio!
 I think the whole yard will be fenced in and then divided into smaller parts. A part for the animals, a part for the garden, and a part for the kids to run around. There will be more but those will come with time.
 I love old fashioned things because I'm old fashioned in my ways and way of thinking!


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