Friday, January 28, 2011

"And He Said 'Peace...Be Still' and the storm was calmed!"

 I think that is one of my favorite lines from the Bible. "Peace...Be Still".
 I use that line very often with my own heart, mind and sole! I'm such a worry wort, and very much a nervous Nellie!! That I often catch myself thinking, "What if...? What might...? Who will...? When is...? Am I...?" and I find myself almost in a panic attack! I can't sleep, sometimes I can't eat, and I just can't think straight! I feel like my sole is the rolling sea in a viscous storm of trial and turmoil, and thought.
 I often lie in bed and pray with tears in my eyes for peace. For my restless heart to be still in the presence of the Lord so that I may hear Him, and so that I may converse with Him and share with Him my lot. Sometimes I can feel myself calm right away, and other times it takes a while, like after I go through/do something. I know that if we pray for patience, God will put us in a situation that calls for us to be patient. So maybe if when I pray for peace, God gives me something to do that will require me to have a peaceful heart or will result in peace.
 All I know is, I've not been very peaceful lately. I've been on edge and emotional. I've not been thankful for the things I have, just worrying about the things I need or will need to get soon. I've not had a full conversation with God in a while. I've been so wrapped up in me, and wedding, and stuff that I've forgotten to praise God for what He has given me. A wedding to plan for, a new life with someone to share it with. A husband who is my best friend.
 "Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done." Philippians 4:6
 That verse is taped to the inside of my laptop. so every time I open it to get on Face Book to complain about something (just as a joke of course) or to look something up that I know I can never have, I see it and stop and think and pray!!
 I am very thankful for all that God has given me and my family. A house to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, a yard for animals, a garden every spring, a family, friends, LOVE!
 I am a happy person. I just hit a low sometimes. And those times are times of stress and such things. But it's nothing time and prayer can't fix.
 This time of low mostly happens in the winter. Usually around this time. Late January and in to March. I'm just ready for sunshine, warmth and dirt and grass between my toes. Being cooped up in the house all winter is not something I look forward to every fall. I love being outside, love just being surrounded by Gods creation and beauty. Listening to nature, and just being at peace. I know that this Spring will bring promise.
 A bigger garden, more garden boxes, more to do. I will be looking at and planing how to set up my wedding in my front yard, and going out and sitting on top of the chicken coop roof with my beloved watching the sunset. Climbing trees with my niece, maybe going to English riding/jumping lessons at a friends riding stables. I want to enjoy life as God intended. And if that means no college and just a part time job... Then so be it. I just want to uphold my God! And that shall bring Peace to my heart.
 I try to bring peace to every one I know. I try to be patent, and calm. I try. And that's all I can do in this crazy stress filled world. I know life is not just laying in the hammock all day sipping on an iced coffee in the sun. But it can be at the right times. Ecc... "There is a time and reason for every thing under the Heavens..." (in my own words) I love that Chapter and verse. It tells me that it's ok to cry sometimes. It's ok to get frustrated. It's OK! Because God knows when to put those times in your life. He puts you in a time of sorrow (I'm sure) when He feels you are just seeing only the Happy and Good in life. When in reality, you need to know there is grief and sadness. And maybe when that happens it will motivate you to see a cause that needs help, or to just appreciate what God has given you. This verse also tells me that God has a plan for you. There is a reason you are here. And if you feel you are going through Hell, just look up. Because God and Heaven are not far away. Just pause your life for one minute, or even just a second, and pray. And you'll see. Every thing will start to fall in place.
 I know that spring and warm weather are coming. So I'll just keep praying for those I love, and keep looking up. Peace will come. And it will be so sweet, because it will be worth the wait.
 I hope all is well with you, I may not know you but I pray for you. I pray that you find peace in God. And that, in Him, the weather will always be warm and comforting!
 God Bless.

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