Monday, April 12, 2010


Oh How I love Warm Weather!!
 Yesterday was about 72* and perfict!
I went to church with my boyfriend and his family and it was good service. There was a new speaker there who (he and his wife) are wanting to start their own church! So the Pasture asked him to speak! It was really amazing! He jumped around a lot but he was a really good and passionate speaker!! I liked him alot. I will him and his wife the best of luck!

 After church we (my boyfriend and I) went back to his house for lunch. (After stoping at StarBucks!)
When we got home no one was there yet so, we had to take the dog (just a small lap dog) out and so I grabbed her leash and went out the door! We walked walked around the yard for alittle and were met by the other two dogs my boyfriends family owns, and we took a hike in their woods that is part of their yard! I loved that because I love to be outside and I love the woods.
 It was a great day even tough I could only be with him for a little while (I had to work at four and he had to go back to school) It was a great day!!

 The other day I rode my quater horse bare back! It was fun even though she did not do what I wanted her to do. All she did was make a big circle and stand at the gate hoping I would get off her back but I made her turn a tight circle and few times and made her WALK around the paddock. The reason I say WALK like that is because I'm alittle scared that if I try to trot her she may buck me off like she did three times last year! So I'm taking things slow. Just a walk for a week or so then move on to a walk/trot. Then maybe I'll try to canter bare back!! That would be so much fun!!! But let me tell you after about an hour riding, my legs felt like JELLY! They still hurt! Oh My Goodness do my legs hurt!! I'm going to try to ride in the mornings now because I have to go to school at 12:30 and work right after that (four fifteen to close) so there is no time to ride in the evenings because it's too dark when I get home.
 So I'm going to try to wake up early (six thirty seven'ish) and feed early and try to ride before lunch!
We'll see!

 Well My mother is asking to get on the computer now so I will go and finsh my lunch!

I pray that God Blesses your day with sunshine and warm weather!!
 With Love and Blessings,

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