Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today is Wednesday!

So today is Wednesday. Just another day to you but to me it's a day off. Sure I still have to go to school, but I don't have to work tonight, and I can go to Bible study with my friend this evening!
 I like Wednesdays when the sun is out and the weather is great! Today I think after I get done with school and running around town and putting gas in the van I'm going to go home and help my momma set up her blog and show her how to put up some pictures and then go riding!
 I'm going bare back again and maybe try a trot. Just a little one because last year when I rode Lexus bare back for the first time I had her go into a trot and she kind of spazed out and threw me across the paddock!! But I got right back up dusted off my pants and back and got right back on. But then she got this crazy idea that if she throws me enough I might stop getting on her back. So she threw me once more!! So again I got up dusted off checked for broken bones, and got right back on! She tried again but I stopped her this time and grabbed a handfull of hair and held on and jerked the bit in her mouth and she stopped and just stood there!
 She did good last time I rode her. She wanted to trot, but I kept her at a walk for the time.

Saturday will be a good day too!
 There will be a counselor meeting at the campgrounds where I help out every summer and I am taking my little sister and her friend and my boyfriend is coming up in the morning to go with us. It will be an all day thing so I'm excited. I love camp so much. It's where I first heard Gods voice. It was so powerful that I just broke down and cried at campfire! This is such a great memory for me. I invited my boyfriend to help out this year because I wanted to show him what this camp means to me and how much it has changed my life and how much closer to God I am when I am there!
 He's not sure if he can make it because of work and all but I'm really praying that he can because it would mean so much to me to share this part of my life with him.

Work is going well for me. Just a lot of walking and small talk. (I don't like small talk) I am enjoying being outside alot. It's better than an office job, but doesn't pay as well. I just got my first pay check and it wasn't as much as I thought it would be but that's ok. My bank account is getting bigger and that is all I'm asking for! Well that's all for today! Blessings!

  Caitydid! <3's

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  1. You have a lovely blog, Caitydid! Just thought I'd drop in and say hi. Hope Lexus behaves herself when you try to ride her bareback again!