Thursday, June 02, 2016

No Work Today!!

What do I do on my days off?
Sweep and Mop the floors,
Clean the Bathroom,
Make the Bed,
Clean the Kitchen,
Clean the Dinning Room,
Clean the Living Room,
Unpack all the boxes that have not been unpacked yet,
Find Places for all My stuff with out taking up too much room,
Work out.
All the while, play with the cat,
make lunch and dinner,
listen to music,
do yoga,
maybe call a family member or two.
Yup, I'm pretty busy on my days off, and I kick myself if I don't get anything done. I'm just weird like that. I hate messes, and even clutter. My room, that's my room so what ever, but the living room, dinning room, kitchen, I hate to see clutter. If I had a busy day at work, and I come home to stuff every where and a mess, You can bet I'll have an anxiety attach. I'm becoming more and more like my momma everyday. And that's a pretty good thing.
I don't mind spending my days off like this. I'm going to get some gardening stuff this weekend, and make some garden boxes for salad and herbs.
I'm also working a story entry for my friends website, a story about the number one turning point in my life.
I'm having some troubles with it though, because essay writing was not a strong point in my school, but I'm writing from my heart, and that's all that matters right?!
Well I've got to get some lunch heated up for when Josh comes home for his lunch. Also have another load of laundry to do.
Have a wonderful day.
Many Blessings.

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