Tuesday, May 27, 2014


 Well I am not able to do a big garden box this planting season like I was planning, due to the fact that we moved, and only have a 4x7' porch off of our kitchen.
 I am, however, doing my container planting. I've got some things started and I'm slowly adding more.
Right now I've got some Lettuce sprouts, Bush Beans, Carrots and Turnips. I've also got some Shasta Daisies going. Would you like to see my little garden?!

My Salad Container.
Got the Dirt and Container from Dollar Tree Momma got them for My Easter Basket. :)

Carrots and Turnips. I need to thin them out and add more dirt/seeds.
We had a heavy rain after I planted them and forgot to add holes to the bottom of the container and most of the dirt flooded out. Oops.

Bush Beans/Green Beans.
The little round plant in front of the beans is a House Plant clipping Momma gave me. He is doing well. :)


I checked on my "friends" this morning and noticed that my beans look a little Burnt?!. Is there anyone out there who can help me with this problem? I water my plants in the mornings when needed. And they get morning sun. We have a South facing apartment, and the kitchen/back porch face east while the living room faces the west. So my plants get part sun. It has been warm and humid here. I think mid 80's so far. But is there a way to fix my bean plants?

Feel free to comment if you have any ideas or advice on what to do about my poor little beans.

 I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am so far. We just got back from a trip back home for my dear friends wedding. It was beautiful. Out doors at Fort Ancient, the bride (my friend) was barefoot, vegan, Wonderful!!

Me and the Lovely Bride!!! (Photo Bombed by the Groom)

 As we where home, daddy and Chris took a look at the car, it was making a grinding noise. So they took off all the tires to check the breaks, and low and behold, the rear tire break drum was broke. We drove 500+ miles with a broken break! So it got fixed. As the "boys" were working on the car, I helped Momma and my little sister work in the garden and around the house.

Fixing the Breaks.

I hear Clucking.....

New Laying Hens for Momma and Alli. :)

Patches getting her Vit. D.

Momma, Bynx, Me
Well that's about it. You never really know what will happen/be going on when you go home for a visit. But it's always a good visit.

 Have a wonderful, blessed day.



  1. I love having you come home! What shall we do next time?

    1. We shall cook, and work out and eat lots of cake! :)