Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Well Hello There!!!!!

Hi There! Bet you thought I had left for good huh?!? Well I didn't.
 I had messed up the layout and format of my blog and got all in a tizzy and refused to try to fix it til I could think about my blog with out feeling like a worthless piece poo! (Then this morning I thought to myself that poo is not exactly worthless, you can compost with it and with that compost you can grow seeds, and those seed might be food seeds that can feed a third world village and then a child from that third world village could eat and grow strong and smart and then go on to go to a wonderful college and then become a great scientist who comes up with the cure for cancer then their story will be all over the news and history books and that will start off with, Once upon a time, someone sent some compost made from what someone thought was a worthless piece of poo, and some seeds to a third world village!...)
 So I got back on my blog and LOW AND BEHOLD! I fixed the darn problem.... I just had to reset everything and start from scratch!!! UGH!

 Well now that you have seen the wedding blog I thought I would come back (seeing as though my HUSBAND! is working on his computer in the bedroom with the lights on and I can't sleep...) and tell you how we are doing!

 How we are doing so far in our 61/2 months of Marriage,
Things are going ok so far. We have our ups and downs. More downs than ups but that's ok. Every couple I talk to who has been married more than 2 years tells me that the first few months to the first year will always be hard. You are still getting used to eachother being around and money will be tight. It's a given thing. But we are holding on. Money is VERY tight right now, so my Darling is looking looking for a better job than the one at the college kitchen. Right now he is working full time for a whopping $9.00 an hour. I'm working part time (5 nights a week 31/2 hours a night) for just a dollar less than that. Not much at all. And to top it all off we were off from work for three weeks for Christmas break. We could have drawn unemployment for those three weeks (some of the people we work with do) and would have broke even instead of almost evenly broke! Christmas was small but it was nice. I didn't really want anything for Christmas, just to be with my family and my Husband! And that's what I got. We went to my older sisters for Christmas Eve and watched movies and watched the kids open their gifts which they LOVED! And us three girls surprised our parents with some nice pictures of their Grown girls and Grandchildren.

Then Christmas morning we opened presents with my parents and younger sister. It was small, but wonderful. We got lots of nice things, things we can use alot. Then we had a nice lunch/dinner with my moms parents that my darling made, then we went to his families house. That was a short, sweet trip as everyone was on their way to visit his step dads niece (our good friend) at the hospital, she just had her little girl. So we had a late dinner opened our gifts and everyone went their way. We went home to our apartment to sleep and then put every thing we got away.

 Before Christmas we got our FIRST CHRISTMAS TREE! It turned out so nice!

Most of the decorations are his, his grandparents give him a new ornament every Christmas so there are 23 (give or take) of his and only 10 (give or take) of mine. But it's still a nice tree. The angle at the top is an ornament that my darling gave me for our first Christmas as boyfriend and girlfriend! She looked quite lovely way up there!!

 As we got the tree looking nice, we kind of goofed off and took a nice picture to remember our first picture...

Yeah, it was my idea! I got it from Pinterest. ^_^

 Well, we also got a few really cute pictures for our First Christmas Christmas cards too...

I played around with them on my Picasa photo editor. I feel like I look a bit chubby in them but that sweater is kind of big on me. :)

Well now that Christmas is over and we are back to work, things are still going ok. It's a new year and we are still together. Our love is growing stronger every day as we are still learning about and from each other. You would think that after dating for three years and living with each other for two months you would know a person pretty well..... Ummmm..... NO! There are still things I don't know about my darling and there are still things he needs to know about me... Like how I am a hopeless romantic who still sleeps with a stuffed toy! And that I take everything to heart and my emotions are very touchy! But all in good time will we ever know each other completely.

 God is still our center, Family is still our support structure, Friends are still our confidants.
We may fight, and argue and yes sometimes yell. But really at the end of the day, I could never think of going to bed with out him by my side. (Except that one time when I was happy he fell asleep on the couch, but that was really because I needed to stretch out and get a good nights sleep ^_^ ) If I stay at my parents for just one night, or at a friends, I miss him. I like it when I wake up cold and can snuggle up next to him to stay warm, or that I can kiss him and tell him good night. I also miss the way he says he loves me in his sleepy voice that tells me that is just about to go into a very deep sleep.
 I also like it when he holds me after I wake myself up from a nightmare and tells me that it's ok, that he is there!!

 I just love him so much, even when we are fighting, I always seem to think back on all the wonderful, cute things he has done for me, and I just can't be mad.

 He is My Beloved and My Beloved is Mine... S.O.S 6:3

~*Warm Thoughts~Happy Prayers~Many Blessings~*


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