Monday, March 07, 2011

So Many Ideas.....My Dream Come True....

 Today I found some neat DIY wedding websites and saw some cute ideas for the brides maids dresses. They looked like old fashioned summer/sun dresses. Real plane and simple with a bit of lace to add a touch of elegance. I loved them. And the best thing about the idea is that I can find a pattern at any fabric store or website!!

I also found a great idea for my dress in the Feb. March. issue of Mary Janes Farm Magazine. They were running a four part story of a Home Grown Wedding, and the couple would write and tell what they did to make their wedding home made. Well the bride to be sent in a picture of a White Peacock Tail Feather Veil and a picture of her homemade dress. Unfortunately I can not find any pictures so I will have to scan the picture when I find it again. But the dress was BEAUTIFUL! Just the style I've been looking for. She made it out of silk and the bottom was frayed to look like feathers. It was also a halter tie and tea length! Oh, I wish I could have a dress like that!
 The couple is also growing their own food for the reception. So this spring and summer I'm going to have my own garden boxes with all kinds of vegetables that I will can. And I'm going to plant some flowers for the bouquets! Flowers such as,

Snap Dragons!

White Shasta Daisy


Queen Ann's Lace
(yes I know it's a weed but it's pretty!)

For Get Me Nots

There are so many more flowers too. I think I will ask each of my Bridesmaids what their favorite flower is and I'll plant it. So then they can cut and arrange their own bouquets on the wedding day! I'll also ask the Grooms Men if they have a flower preference too.  
 Also I'm going to hit all the thrift stores I can find to look for some things to help save money. I'll be on the look out for things like, 
 Tea Cups, Platers, Plates, Mason Jars, Vases, Silver Wear, and Vintage Fabric to make napkins and table clothes and what not!
OH!! Did I mention that I won!! Yes! I won a pair of shoes to wear on my wedding day!! I entered a contest on the Eco-Beautiful Wedding Blog and saw the contest. All I had to do was leave a comment on how I would wear the shoes on my wedding day and then they would pick the winner. 
 So I commented; "I plan on swing dancing at my wedding so I’ll kick off the heals and slip my toes in a pair of these and dance the night away. I’ll also wear them all the time after the wedding also. I never like to wear shoes but when I do I like slip on’s so these are just right for me!! :) Thanks for the chance to enter!! ~*Caitlynn."
And they picked me!! The shoes are very cute you can find shoes just like them at HydraHeart Esty Shop! I love that they are homemade and vegan. So that means no animal skin was used. And they would look so cute walking down the aisle!! :)

I do believe these are the shoes I will receive! (photo from Hydra Heart Etsy)

I can't wait to see them and try them on! I will have to refrain from wearing them before the wedding though!! I tend to get my shoes dirty.

 But yeah! So many ideas, planning, and cute things for my wedding.

I can't wait to see everything fall into place and become my dream come true!

With Love, Prayers, Blessings and Warm Thoughts.

(foot note... All Pictures are Google Images. Unless noted otherwise.) 


  1. I'm so excited to see how it all turns out! You have some really cool ideas! I'm so excited for you and I'm glad you won the shoes! You deserve them!!

  2. Thanks! I'm so happy to have you as a Brides Maid and Friend! :)