Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Time

 Sense the first of the month, they weather has been nice. The sun was shining and it was warm and moods were perking up!
 But now for the past three or four days it has been raining, and the weather has been a little chilly.
But Spring is coming! And that makes me happy, because then I can plant the flower seeds that I bought and make my garden box and plant some of my own vegietables and other things!
 I also can't wait till St. Patrick's Day! I'm so Irish in the month of March it's pretty much amazing. I remember when I was little I wanted to dye my hair green and wear an outfin of all green! But I can't do that now because my teacher will take away grade points for the green hair and I have to wear my black pants for class but I am aloud to wear a green shirt and my FAVORITE lime green four inch high heals! I can't wait!

 School has been going ok. I still don't like my class and I'm looking for a GED class to take that doesn't run at the same time as my class. I'm also thinking of alpplying for Wright State College. But that's still a maybe.

 The animals are doing good. I gave the rabbit his pre-spring time hair cut, and the Horses are happy to be out of the snow but now they have to deal with the rain and mud! Poor things are up to their hocks in mud!!

 We have seen some flowers bloom already! They are very pretty. All purple and yellow and green. It makes me happy to know that I'm not the only one ready for sunshine and warm weather.

 Well that is it for now!!

May the Road rise to Meet you,
May the Winds always be at your Back,
May the Sun shine Warm upon your Face,
The rains Falls softly upon your Fields,
And untill We meet Again,
May God hole you in the palm of His Hand
A traditional Gaelic Blessing


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  1. No fair! I haven't seen any flowers yet! Glad to hear moods are getting better :)