Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Blog!!

January 26, 2010 Tuesday 8:19pm
What am I doing right now? I am watching Flicka with my little sister and typing my first blog post! Who am I? My name is...Well you can call me Caity! My middle name is Caitlynn, and before my grandpa Tony died he always used to call me Caitydid. After he died no one has ever used that name, but now I shall clam it as ME!
I am one week exactly form turning 19. I have Red hair that I describe as Burnt/Rusty Copper! I have Golden Honey brown eyes with a dark Chocolate rim around both! I am about 5' 6" tall, and VERY Original. My family... Dad, Mom, Older sister, and little sister. Two black cats, one stray calico cat, 15 hens plus one good roster and two rosters that we are trying to get rid of. Two nanny goats, an Angora rabbit, Quarter Horse, and a Hackney Pony!
WOW...that's a lot of family members living on one three acre farm! :)
My family lives on a Hobby Farm. We just try to get by. We have a garden and we can anything we can grow and pick. The house we live in came with an Orchard, apple trees, peach, and plumb trees and pear trees as well. I love the orchard. There used to be a Strawberry patch, but that got mowed over to make room for the horse paddock. But my mom made a garden box and planted some more! we have a few garden boxes. And next summer we will have more. I'll even have my own.
My next store neighbors let me use their back acre for my horses, so they have room to move. There is a little shed that dad and our neighbor divided so my mare would stop running my pony(a gelding) out into the rain! They are just like a brother and sister. Can't stand to be around each other, but take one away for a while and the other flips out and pouts the whole time! They make me laugh, and cry, and stress out and see that God entrusted us to take care of His creatures.
The Angora rabbit is mine. I brush him when I can, and I cut his hair in the summer, and sometimes in the winter because his hair gets all matted because his water bottle drips on him sometimes.
The goats and chickens are my little sisters. She milks and breeds the nannies. One of which is due in the spring (fingers crossed!) the other we are letting her take a break. Mom and my sister take the goats milk and makes SOAP! I like the soap. It makes your skin so soft. and it's good for you. The chickens are for eggs. we are only getting three eggs right now. They seem to do that about every winter. They lay good all summer, spring and fall but winter they just slow down. I guess all of their energy is going to trying to keep warm so they kind of forget to lay eggs every once in a while.
The cats are just family pets. They go in and out as they please. There is one male and one female. Brother and sister. and the stray came with the house. She is very sweet and good outside cat to have.
I'm not very good at blogging every day or even every other day, so there may be times where blogs will be about a week or two apart. So that is just a warning to who ever reads this.
I'm not very good with words either. Well I'm not a good speller so God Bless who ever put spell check on the tools bar! :)
But also I can never seem to find the right words to say sometimes. Other times I could probably write a whole book of poems! Just depends on my mood that day.
I am also trying to keep God and Christ in my life. And that is a constant battle. With the world I live in and the days I go through, It's so hard to remember. There are some times that I forget there is a God and those are the times I need HIM the most! But those are also the times my friends and my boyfriend will randomly call me or text me or even send me a message that just say, "Just wanted to let you know that God made you an Amazing friend to me! Thanks." and after I see how much of an influence I am on other people because of my Godliness, it amazes me! Then when I do remember God, those are the times that I am quite, I keep to myself, and I pray! From the time I wake up to the time I lay me down, I pray for EVERY ONE and Thing! There are a lot of people in my life who need God and there are lot of people who just need a friend. And that's what I pray for. For God to hold them in HIS hands and near HIS heart!
I know I am all over the place right now but I just have all this stuff I want to say... but not a whole lot of time!
Heeeemmmmmmm....what else can I tell you about?
Well I mentioned that I had a boyfriend! I do. He is a great guy. He just turned 20 he is going to college, and we have been dating for 8 months.
At the end of the week he is coming up for my birthday. He is very sweet and very Christian. He is a constant reminder of all the great people out there. And there are great/good people out there you just have to look real hard! He is also very Noble and good to me because he told me once, before we even started to hang out a lot that he would never kiss a girl until their wedding day! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. So this whole time we have known each other, have been hanging out and dating we have not kissed once. He does kiss me on the cheek. But that is just his way of letting me know that he really likes me and trusts me and loves me! We are not in LOVE. We love each other but in just a boyfriend and girlfriend kind of way. And I like it like that. He is my best friend. He knows more about me than any one! And I him. :)
I will talk about my boyfriend a lot because we talk to each other and hang out allot, I also have other friends but I don't get together with all of them too much. Just a few at a time.
Well I have to go to bed now. Yes I go to bed at 9:00pm!! I have school tomorrow and animals to feed and water. So,
Good night and my the Lord send 14 angels to watch you sleep! (from an old welsh lullaby)
With Love and Kindness

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