Friday, May 18, 2012

Apartment for 2 please & The Final Count Down

 Yes... I'm back! After so long I finally have a second to sit and blog.
Well last time I blogged I told you that I had moved out of my apartment and might be moving to Indiana with my Darling, well not sure if I mentioned the second but that doesn't matter because, We Are Not Moving after all!! Darling decided not to take the job that was offered to him, so we are staying in Ohio! Happy Happy Day!
Well more good news, my darling and I got an apartment together. It's in the same town we were both living in as before just now we are settled into a nice spacey one room apartment right above the bakery. It's so cozy here. We are getting every little decoration we have between us up to make this feel more like home. But like I told darling, Where ever we love eachother, We are Home! Here are some photos of our new place!!!

The Kitchen is small, but that's fine. As long as we can cook we are ok with a small kitchen.
There is enough room between the stove (which is gas b.t.w.) and the window to put a small apartment
sized Washing Machine that my parents just happened to stumble upon. :)

Our 'China' Wall. These are things that my Darling brought back from China in 2010.
He made the scroll himself, it says Perseverance on the (looking at) right side, and His name on the left.
The sward above he brought home too.
The sais on either side are from when he was in Ti Kwan Do as a kid.

Dinner To Night board on the fridge. :)

we have some photos of us up now, still some more to go. :)

Good Luck, & Friendship.
Two Things we both find in eachother.

Prayer Flags adorn the North Facing windows of the living room.
I want to decorate the whole place as bright and as colorful as I can to take advantage of all
the natural sun light we get! :)
Now as for the Final Count Down.....
I'm so excited. I got my dress taken in and it fits so well. I'm going dress shopping with my older sister (who just had her little boy only a few weeks ago. Praise the Lord for their health) tomorrow to see what we can find. Then I just need to get the flowers and make the decorations and help Momma with the food.
 My grandma is coming up form Arkansas with my Uncle and Step Grandpa, to stay with us and help for the wedding. I can't wait to see them it's been so long. Sunday my Mother-in-Law to be is throwing me a wedding shower. Can't wait for that. And then in June maybe the weekend before the wedding My Momma will be throwing me a wedding shower as well so my family can come and enjoy. Everything is coming together so nice.
 I just can't wait til the wedding. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm getting married. It's just so odd to think that in 4 1/2 weeks I'll be walked down the aisle by my father, and married to the man of my dreams. SIGH!
 I really can't believe it. God Is Just So Good.
Also My BFF from 4-H camp (age 11) is getting married this October! And then I have a friend getting married in August then on e getting married in December (I think...) We also went to the wedding of my darlings best friend (sense they were like 3) a few weeks ago! It's just so wonderful that God has brought all these people together!!!
 It makes my Heart So HAPPY!!

I have to go make dinner now. Many Blessings to You whom ever You may be!!

 Much Love,

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  1. I'm so excited for you Arielle! I can not believe that you are getting married is what...19 days! You're about to set out on a very big, exciting, and somewhat scary (in a good way) adventure!