Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rain Drops on Roses, and Whiskers on Kittens....

Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Silver white winters that Melt in to Spring....These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things.......  <--That should be my title.

 My Favorite Things.
By: Caitlynn

What are my Favorite things? Well I'll tell you.
 As I sit here listening to the rain, and drinking my morning coffee I can't help but think of my favorite things. So here are a few....

Drinking coffee in the early morning sun, whether it be at m y home stead or at camp before every one wakes up, It's my time. Time for me to think and truly be "alone" with myself.(at times)

 Reading A Good Book.

I love getting lost in my books. I have so many in my room right now and I'm still adding to my collection. SO needless to say, when My Beloved and I get a home of our own, well have to add a Library.

Great Art.

This is one of my own Paintings. It's only the size of 3"/4" photo. I love art. I love to draw. I'm now getting into painting, but Graphite Drawings/Sketches are my forte'. 

I LOVE Music! I play Guitar, a little bit of piano, and I Sing. To give you an idea of how I sing, look up Handel's The Messiah and then listen to the song/sapraino solo, Beautiful Feet. My music teacher had me sing that once and I hit all the notes just right. I still do. I'm what you would call a Lyric Sapraino. I hit all the "Rafter Notes", the little notes that go above the music score lines. I love listening to music as well. I really like jazz/swing music. Like Michel Buble or Frank Sinatra. Just really nice music. I love it.

Google Image.
My Beloved and I swing dance!!! I love it. It's so fast paced and such a great work out. And you get to do all the really Awesome tricks. We can do a Back flip and all the 'dangerous' dips. I've been dropped, and have bounced my head off the floor many times. I have bruises all up and down my legs and waist (where we do lifts and "drops")  And my muscles are so sore after a dance! But it's fun.


 Flowers make me feel so happy. The colors they bring to the world, the smells. Just like Heaven on Earth!!

Being with my Friends.
My Friends, (L) Samantha and (R) Gabrielle W.
I love being with my friends. You never know what will be talked about, and what will be done!! :)

Taking Naps.
My above friends dogs, Mushu and Josephina Taking a nap together.
Two cuddly little doggies take a nap after getting all upset (a bit) that I am sitting on there Momma's bed!

Glow Sticks!

At a sleep over, with the lights turned off and the music up and the Glow sticks all a glow!! :)

Fun Crazy Socks.

I love knee high crazy socks!! They make me feel happy.

Being in My Beloveds Arms.
Blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl, Oh wow Oh, The sweetest thing.
(The Sweetest Thing. By U2.)

I feel safe, warm, and at peace when I'm wrapped in my beloveds arms while watching a scary movie with Him and his roommate! 

Being with Family.
"And Then the little girl opened her eyes to see the Three Bears Looking at her!"

My niece and litter sister reading a book to our Cat. :)

My Cats!

Neff and Bynx holding "Hands" while watching tv with the family!

My dirty old pink high tops!

These shoes are about 51/2 years old. I've had them sense we moved into our house. I've written on them, drew on them, and had others write and draw on them. I love these shoes.

Taking Pictures.

I love taking Pictures. I would love to get an old Film Camera and take a class on how to develop film yourself. I love to take pictures of the beauty in this world. So that means I take pictures at odd angels and different light exposures and colors.

Well these are a FEW of my favorite things. I hope you enjoy. 
 Many Blessings to you this wonderful rainy day.
With Love, Prayers, and Happy Thoughts,

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