Thursday, November 04, 2010

Driving, Swing Dance, and Sweet Hearts!

 So as of October 15, I have been driving to my boyfriends college to take a Swing Dance class! It's really fun and it's great to see him once a week. I am learning a lot in this class, like a move called the "Pretzel" and a dip/drop called the "Chain-Saw"!! I'll have to do a little video post one day and show them to you! I am also learning to trust my boyfriend a little more. Because if I didn' t then the moves would turn out not so great and the class would not be fun at all. So in learning to trust him I learn to just let my self go and lean into the dip, or glide in to the drop/fall and know that he wont drop me (on purpose) or let me fall and get hurt. Now I do come out of the class with some sore muscles and a bruise or two, but that's a given with me. I'm small and frail, and I'm accident prone!
 But the class is really fun and it's nice to be around some fellow college kids.
Every other week I cook dinner for me and 'darling' (I'm trying to come up with a good nick name for him!!) and in the weeks in between he cooks! It works out ok. We do bicker and 'fight'a little in the kitchen because we were both taught differently on how to cook certain things, but after we get over it and just enjoy each others company and laugh and watch movies!
 Now I mention Driving in my title because it's a 45 min. drive to the college! And my car has an AM radio only! So needless to say I don't listen to music on the way there. So I sit in silence and think and pray and drive! Sometimes I do take my Mp3 and plug in the speakers to listen but that only lasts so long. So again I sit in silence.
 I don't mind it at all anymore. Because I read in a book, God is in the Small Stuff. And it all Matters. by Bruce and Stan, and it said that you should give God at least an hour out of your day to just sit and listen. Now I know I can't drive and read the Bible at the same time but I can drive and pray and talk and listen to God!! And that gets me ready to face what ever I may be going to. Like the store, or dance class, or work. What ever it may be I have given some time to God and I feel that He is with me. So then I can fall into the "Death-Drop+Double Pretzel+Mop" combo and not get mad that I may have been dropped on the floor or have a huge bruise on my shin or bottom. Because "you must be slow to anger". I may get frustrated or stern, but I still have faith and love!
 And now for the "Sweet Hearts" part!!!
For me to be in this dance class, my boyfriend has to wake up at 6:30am to get ready to go the class/dance room to sign us both up at 7:00am sharp EVERY Monday morning!
 And if that is not sweet enough......
Last night November 3, 2010. My boyfriend wanted to take me out to go swing dancing for practice. So I got my dress ready, did my hair, put my shoes on and went to his apartment. We leave. We get to the dance studio, and as we walk up to the door I look in the windows and almost fell to my knees crying! Every one else was wearing sweat pants and tennis shoes! I was wearing a semi formal dress with high heals (very comfy dance shoes.) and purls! I felt so out of place! We go inside and I refuse to take off my jacket. I start to cry. My boyfriend doesn't know what to do so he just does what he's good at. Being a dork! He asked me to roll up the sleeves of his white bottom up shirt. As I do a little light bulb went off.
 Me, "Are you wearing anything under this shirt?" My BF, "Yea....Why?" Me, "Is it a tee shirt or a muscle (tank top) shirt?" BF, "Tee shirt. Why?" Me, "Could you give my the button up?!?!" BF, "Sure."
 So he goes to the bathroom, comes out with shirt in hand. I grab it, run to the bathroom, take off dress, put on shirt (which was almost longer than my dress!!) put dress back on over shirt, took shoes off and came out some what semi formal casual. I probably looked a bit funny but I was more comfy with the shirt on!
 SO! If those two things don't show how sweet my boyfriend is and how much I love him, then I guess you should rent a romantic movie. :) He is my sweet heart and I his!
 Well that's all for now. I'm very sleepy and cold. So I shall go to bed. Good night reader! Sweet Dreams and Blessings.


  1. It's so true about needing to spend time sitting and listening for/to God. How can people complain about not hearing Him or how He's not guiding them, when they always have noise going on; tv, ipods, and computers. It's so easy in this day and age to get cought up in the sounds of the earth and never stop to listen for God.

  2. Very true. But sometimes God can or may use what you are litsening to, to get your attention. Like say you were feeling very sad one day and you turn on KLove and a song comes on that just matches what you are feeling or someone calls in and talks about how when they were sad God came and gave them peace. I guess you can hear Him anywhere But it's always good to take time out of your day to sit and talk with and listen to God. You do the same thing for your TV shows or naps. Why not replace one of those kinds of things and fill it with GOD! :)

  3. That is so true! Like the song by JJ Heller: Love Me. When I first heard that song, I needed to here it! I was feeling down and was starting to think about changing who I was to "fit in" and then it hit that point in the song where "a vocie down deep inside (aka God) "said"...
    "And now that you'll listen, I'll tell you that I....
    I will love you for you.
    Not for what you have done or what you will become.
    I will love you for you.
    I will give you the love,
    The love that you never knew."

    It spoke to me; I don't need the love and acceptence of the world, I just need Gods love!

    I love reading your blog! I look forward to each and every posting.

  4. I love that song! I have that as a memo on my cell phone. :) I need to be reminded of that often.