Thursday, September 09, 2010

Fall Is Falling!!!!

Well, Fall is coming! I love fall. The colors, the smells, the cooler weather! It's just perfect.
 But with the end of one season, comes another. Summer into fall, hate into love, sadness into hope. Fall gives me some new hope every year. Because I know what is coming after, winter. I really don't like winter, but after winter is spring. So fall is really an awakening to me. Like the bold colors of the trees and whisper of the wind are reminding me that even in the times when you think life is just getting to hot and stressful, God will give you a cool breeze and something to slow down and marvel at. Also it's a time for us to speed things up. Like getting the canning done before winter, and getting the garden tilled and dressed for the next planting. Getting the house cleaned before we have to shut it up for cold weather. Like how I'm trying to clean my room and re-organize it!!
 Also this fall I am doing my own kind of college work. I'm researching Autism, and Art Therapy. I would like to go to college for an Art Therapy Major and an Early Childhood Special Education Minor. I would love to work with mostly Autistic children and maybe some adults. I just feel like that is what I am meant to do. :)
 Some more changes that this coming season is bringing are, canning!! Momma has been canning like crazy. We have Apples, tomatoes, peaches, and lots of other things. So we will have some healthy, organic meals to come this winter. Another change, (kind of a silly one) I stopped cutting my hair! Last October I got my hair cut. It used to be to just below my mid back. When I got it cut it was just above my shoulders. This summer..... just below my earlobes!!! It looked cute. Some people liked it. But after a while I got bored with it and wanted it to grow out so I could put up and some cute way like I had before. Well I just couldn't stop trimming it. But now I have just the right kind of layer in my hair, and I'm letting it grow. I want it to be below my mid back again. So maybe this coming summer it will be back to where it should be! (fingers crossed!)
 One more change, (this one is alittle more change of heart but not mind or feelings) My boyfriend and I decided to take a break for a month. We were just arguing more than we should and just getting mad at each other and not looking forward to seeing each other like we used to. So I prayed about it and I feel like God has told us to just back off and work on school, work, and finding Him again. We still email, and text but we will not see or talk to each other unless we really have to. I am trying to come up with some fun 'Fall Dates' for us to do. Like bike riding, going to open mic nights at the cafe' next to his apartment, and spending time with friends outside of the apartment. (like not being inside at all. unless we get hungry for food or are cold. but I will not spend time in his apartment with him and his friends. just outside the 'home' dates/courtship!!)
 So there are a few changes of season in my life! Some Great, some good, some silly, and one that hurts alittle. But Change is good. Even though it may get cold, and make you sad, or get hot and make you feel angry. But sometimes the feeling is warm, and can make you feel happy!! But the thing to remember that what ever change brings, it's in God's time and it will always turn out good in the end!
 I pray that what ever change you are going through, whether it be seasonal, or God given timing, I pray that you stay strong in the Lord and trust Him with all your heart and that your ending is a happy one.

 With Love, Prayers, Good Thoughts, and Blessings,
God Bless, ~*Caitydid*~


  1. Hey! Yeah that's me. Lol! Had to start a blog for school. Just today realized that why nobody could see the body of my posts was because the text was white on a white background! Haha, blonde moment! By the way I actually do read your blog, I just haven't been able to follow it before. :)

  2. Cool!! well thanks for reading. And I'll read yours as soon as it stops playing 'hide-and-seek' !! LOL