Friday, June 11, 2010


 The last couple of night have been relative nice. A nice breeze and a warm sun go well together. So I went out to the Garden. Ours has been over taken by the evil forces of weeds!! And not just the grassy kind of weeds.. OH NO... the big boys! The ones you have to cut up with a hoe and then get down on your hands and knees and dig the root up as well!! But I was victorious in the back half of the garden. The front half is now up to time and fate!
 But as I was working in the garden and even thinking about it, How I had to remember that I need to be out at lest a half hour to an hour a day to work in it, and how I had to really work this time to get it back to where is somewhat was. I got to thinking about my walk with God. How I need to remember to spend time every day with Him and really STOP what I am doing to talk with Him and Work and Walk with Him. and How if I forget a day or two, how I really have to work harder to gain that faith and trust again. Just like the garden I have to get down on my hands and knees and dig up the "Root"s of the problem and work through them and really sweat for what I want!
 And what I want is a full garden with lots of vegetables and good things. Not weeds that could poison me or just be a pain!
 I want my life to be like that! A Full Lift with lots of fruits of labor and good things. Not evil things that could poison my relationship with God and Others or just make things worse.
 That's a lift I strive for. For me, my family and friends, and my beloved. That's all I want from life.
Is to get a little dirt between my toes while walking with My GOD! (Amen)

 I pray that whom ever reads this is inspired to "weed" out their life and live life with God in a beautiful thriving, over flowing Life!
 God Bless!!


  1. our garden is getting taken over by the soft grass weeds that one can easily take care of with a quick hoe......guess what happens when ones hoe is broken! AhhhhHH! WEEDS!!!, a broken hoe goes along with what you're talking about... One can let the garden (aka faith) get over taken, OR one can buy another hoe (aka pray even more, and walk with God.
    And the soft grassy weeds don't look to bad, but when left untouched they grow out of control!

    I love the way you wrote this! Very relatable!!!!!

  2. Thanks!! I love this. I came up with this last year really but this year I put it to words that the whole world can see!! <3