Friday, May 21, 2010

And I will Praise You in the Storm!

 When I was a little girl I remember sitting in the kitchen in our 'old' house and watching storm come across the soy bean field in the back. I would sit with my older sister and mom and sometimes my Grandpa Tony!
 I think those are the times I will never forget because they hold some very special memories for me. Just the thought of sitting with my family is enough. But to hear a storm outside my bedroom window and remember those times, it makes me so thankful.
 Well now I'm older and living in a new house, Our kitchen window is not as big as the old one and my grandpa is not around anymore and my sister is with her little girl, and momma is busy making sure that my little sister and I have just enough and then some. But I can still watch and listen to the storms.
 I like sitting in our "sun room" and reading when it storms. All three walls are windows and provide just enough of a view so I can see the clouds and flash of lightning, and feel the thunder. It makes me feel at peace when I smell the rain coming, and feel alive when the wind blows. I love storms. "And I will Praise You in the Storm!" (I forget where that one is from.) But i do. I praise God for every drop of rain.

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